Consumer Insight Surveys: How To Get Customer Feedback

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Consumer behavior, preferences, and expectations can change in the blink of an eye, making it imperative for businesses to stay ahead of the curve.

This is where consumer insight surveys come into play, acting as invaluable tools for unlocking the mysteries of consumer sentiment and behavior.

In this blog post, we'll delve deeper into consumer insight surveys, exploring what they are, why they matter, and how they can revolutionize the way you understand and engage with your target audience.

What are consumer insights in market research?

Consumer insight can be a core topic of market research in the sense that it provides a lot of decision-making research that can help your brand grow positively(especially from a survey).

We like to think of consumer insights as the interpretation of customer data from the customer's point of view (including their interaction with your brand).

Market research gathers data on consumer behavior using research methodologies like interviews, focus groups, experiments, and surveys. This type of research often generates both quantitative and qualitative data, such as data on market demographics and consumer sentiment.

Consumer insights can also focus on different things about your consumers from their age, location, or their experience.

Our market research company believes in examining all parts of consumer insights to have a successful consumer insight survey or project completed.

Why are consumer insights important?

By collecting feedback and data from consumers (including your customers) that you can analyze, you’re getting insights into what it’s like to be a customer (or potential customer who is thinking about buying from you).

It should also give you more insight into what actions or things you can change to make the customer experience better for them.

Analysis and deep insights from a consumer insight survey or project might include:

  • Changes to your products or services (for the consumers benefit)
  • Improving the buying experience (from start to finish)
  • Offering excellent customer support
  • Knowing more about why your target audience buys from you
  • Increasing your customer lifetime value

Consumers typically may expect a lot from brands they are loyal to (depending on the product). That’s why it is critical to listen to them on a regular basis and make changes if needed.

In fact, research from 2021 shows that 91% of consumers are more likely to buy from a brand that listens to them and fulfills their needs. On top of that, 76% would be willing to fill in a short survey on a website to help get a more personalized experience for themselves.

Therefore, neglecting consumer insights or feedback can be a critical error for today’s businesses.

Nearly 96% of consumers don’t complain and simply stop buying from your brand. That’s why we believe in and advocate for a strong market research strategy that revolves around consumer insights and experience.

As a market research company that has worked with consumer insights for nearly 80+ years, we know how to best collect, analyze, and understand consumer insight data. We’ll show you how you can best get the consumer insights you need for your brand.

Creating a consumer insight survey

Designing a consumer insight survey can be a great way to get more quantitative information from your target market.

You’ll want to include your own custom-designed questions that aim to get in-depth, detailed responses and therefore the best analysis for your analysis.

If you’re just getting started with customer insights or consumer insight surveys, we’ll include ways to make the best survey and how we might build a custom consumer insight survey ourselves.

Create engaging and targeted questions for your target audience

When writing questions for your survey, the best is to create questions that elicit a detailed response, are engaging for the customer, and uncover key info that you’re looking to learn for your brand.

It might sound difficult to do but simply writing your own unique question can be a good start.

You’ll want to avoid heavy templated questionnaires or survey questions that are bland and boring. They may be a good starting point occasionally but you’ll want to add more detail so that your customers can actually connect with you.

Also, try not to have a survey be too long since it’s likely it won’t keep your audience interested and you won’t be able to get the best answers out of them.

Finding respondents for your survey

In B2C markets, finding respondents will be notably easier for you. All you’ll need to do is collect a number of people you want to respond to your survey to then distribute it to.

Who is your target audience? It can be your customer base, potential customers, specific market group, etc…

You’ll want to pick your respondents and consider how you’ll send your survey to them. Standard computer surveys work still but mail-in surveys might not work as well as phone surveys.

Analyze your survey data

Once you’ve got your responses, you’ll want to take a close and targeted look at your data. There are typically different ways you can organize or view your analysis as well so having a full view of the results can be useful.

We typically have multiple analyses once we’re finished with a survey. This helps us and our clients get many different insights out of the same analysis that can help them make better business decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Consumer Insight Surveys

What is a consumer insights survey?

A survey that explains and gives a deeper look at why consumers behave the way they do. A digital survey can examine why people behave the way they do in your online store. A retail survey can look at why people behave a certain way at a business location.

Is there a difference between consumer insights and customer insights?

Similar to consumer insights, customer insights look at the “why” behind consumer actions. However, consumer insights examine the thought process of your entire potential market, while customer insights just focus on people who are already your customers. 

Methods like customer satisfaction surveys and case studies can help businesses get more insight into their current customers instead. With current customers things to look at might include customer preferences, frequency of purchase, and repurchase behavior.

What is the consumer insight method?

Consumer insights are an interpretation of data collected by businesses to gain an understanding of how their target market perceives them. Analyzing the behaviors or opinions of consumers allows companies to really understand what their consumers want and need, and most importantly, why they feel this way.

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