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Winery market research has to be one of my favorite topics. Drive Research is quickly building a strong portfolio of great brands for our winery market research services.

Our recent study was conducted with wine consumers and wholesalers for a specific winery in the Finger Lakes region. The goal of the study was to get feedback from consumers who drink the wine and wholesalers who sell the wine in order to meet the research objectives. This survey took a two pronged approach, meaning separate surveys were created for the consumer and wholesaler audience.

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In March 2018, an adverting agency and winery hired Drive Research to conduct winery market research. The objectives of the winery market research included understanding the general consumer and wholesaler audiences for the vineyard client as well as other secondary objectives.

Results will be compared to similar studies conducted about 8 years ago to understand how key performance indicators (KPIs) have changed for the client. The market research will help optimize operations, marketing, and strategies for the clients.


To address the objectives at hand, Drive Research recommended using a combination of 2 separate online surveys which included: (1) an emailed online survey to consumer contacts and (2) a mailed paper invitation with an online link and a telephone follow-up to wholesalers. When used in combination these address all primary and secondary objectives for the client.

Wondering the benefits of online surveys? Online surveys are cost-effective, offer a quick turn-around, are measurable, and gather quality feedback. The combination of these 4 benefits creates a strong ROI.

Drive Research follows an exclusive in-house approach our team has built for survey projects. Our method uses a step-by-step and task-oriented approach to project management from kickoff through completion.

Fieldwork for the consumer survey began on June 1 and lasted until June 30. The survey consisted of 26 questions and took respondents 7 minutes to complete. A total of 309 responses were collected.

Fieldwork for the wholesaler survey began on July 18 and lasted until August 21. The survey consisted of 19 questions and took respondents 8 minutes to complete. A total of 40 responses were collected.


The results of the study remain confidential with the clients. but several questions based on the key objectives of the study were answered. The list below covers some example primary and secondary objectives that were addressed in the key findings for both the consumer survey and wholesaler survey.

Consumer survey

  1. What is the perception of the wines?
  2. What are consumers’ purchasing habits of wines?
  3. What do consumers think about the vineyard?
  4. Who is a typical consumer of wines?

Wholesaler survey

  1. How are the other wines performing in stores?
  2. What is the perception of wines and other wines among wholesalers?
  3. What is the perception of the representative service?

After the study was completed, several deliverables were passed to the client. The report was delivered in a PDF format along with question by question results and a raw data file for both surveys. The report including an executive summary with recommendations.

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