Case Study: National Millennial Survey on Home Mortgages

case study national millennial survey home mortgagesObjectives

In July 2017, Drive Research conducted a 12 question online survey with Millennials across the country. The objectives of the survey were to understand feelings toward home mortgages, interest level in home ownership, barriers to home ownership, and motivators to home ownership among Millennials.

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Respondents were screened to ensure they were born between the years of 1981 and 1997 to match the Pew Research classification of the generation. Over 400 respondents completed the survey in a 24-hour period on July 10 and July 11.

Drive Research was the independent market research company in New York State managing the market research for loanDepot. The survey was branded with its logo and no mention of the sponsor of the research was made at any point during the process (in this case, loanDepot). This ensured results were statistically reliable, unbiased, and factual using the general population sample of Millennials across the country.

loanDepot is located in Foothill Ranch, California.


The entire market research project took less than 1 week. The kickoff was completed within 24-hours of the contract agreement. The survey was designed less than 12 hours after the kickoff. It was then programmed, tested, and launched within 1-business day. Data was acquired in a 24-hour window. The market research report was developed the following day.

The infographic below was created from the market research results. The graphic highlights some of the key takeaways from the Millennial survey conducted with over 400 respondents across the country.

For the full recap of the Millennial market research visit the loanDepot website here. The results were also shared across several news outlets and PR websites.

Client Testimonial

Our client at loanDepot provided Drive Research with the following testimonial on the online survey project. It points to the speed and project management style of our team. We continually push the market research status quo and we drive fast.

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