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case study mail survey market researchThe following blog post shines a spotlight on a recently completed project at Drive Research. We hope this provides some insight on the various ways data and insights are gathered through market research. The methodology needs to be aligned to provide direction and effective decision making.

At Drive Research, we specialize in custom research, which makes it important to note that not all projects are alike and can be replicated. The methodology, objectives, questions, and findings are always unique to each client. Although experience and knowledge can be gained from each industry, no 2 clients are alike.

Below is a peek inside a project we conducted in partnership with Advance Media New York (AMNY). Follow us on LinkedIn? Then you may have seen our mail call post! Maybe you even received our mailed survey! A special thank you to all who shared their thoughts.

Market Research Objectives

In the spring of 2017, a healthcare related organization partnered with AMNY and Drive Research to administer a mixed-mode survey to targeted households in counties of Upstate New York.

The primary goal of the market research was to provide the organization with the data needed to understand consumer behaviors among the targeted audience. The results from this research were used to explore interest and appeal in different types of marketing tactics and strategies to ensure the approach was driven by data and aligned with audience needs.

Drive Research Approach

To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recommended a methodology that combined several channels. This recommended approach was mail surveys with an online survey link (provided at the top of the mailed survey as an alternative way to complete).

The survey was drafted, tested, administered, managed, analyzed, and reported on by Drive Research. Drive Research and AMNY were identified as the sponsor of the market research. The organization the study was conducted on behalf of was blinded. Records purchased represented targeted household demographics such as children in household, head of household gender, and income.

To further encourage completes, Drive Research recommended 20 hours of follow-up reminder calls to be placed to non-responding households to either collect feedback by phone, leave a message, or point to the online link to participate in the market research. The survey lasted an average of 1 to 2 minutes and included 10 questions. Fieldwork began on May 13 and lasted until June 11.

Records of individuals who lived within the 10-county primary market area were purchased. Many of which had a phone number provided for the follow-up reminder calls. A total of 330 respondents participated in this survey, representing an extremely strong response rate of 10%.

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Key Findings from the Market Research

While we cannot share exact findings (sorry), we can shed some light on what our team sought to address through the study. Survey questions addressed the following subjects:

  • Access to internet in the household
  • Social media usage
  • Household device inventory (DVD, Blue-ray, Tablet, PC, etc.)
  • Overall state of health rating
  • Most difficult factor to improve overall health
  • Likelihood to complete several awareness initiatives
  • Age

As a thank you for completing the survey, 200 survey respondents were offered the chance to win 1 of 200 $10 gift cards. The report analysis included in-depth insights, an infographic, and question-by-question results featuring several cross-tabs and key insight notes.

The organization used the results to better understand the targeted demographic they were trying to reach. The idea was to create marketing programming and messaging that would resonate with Upstate NY audiences and get them to take action. The sponsoring organization also received the purchased mailing and phone list used for the research as a bonus value-added deliverable for future marketing efforts.

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