Case Study: Health Insurance Member Market Research

Recently, Drive Research completed a qualitative market research study with a healthcare insurance company. The study consisted of focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) with members of the healthcare insurance company who sponsored the research.

Wondering how recruiting for focus groups and IDIs work? Wondering how market research projects with the healthcare industry work?

Below is an overview of the objectives, approach, and outcomes of this market research project. We give you the step-by-step approach.

Case Study: Health Insurance Member Market Research

Here's an inside look at how to conduct focus groups and interviews with members of a healthcare insurance company.


A healthcare insurance provider hired Drive Research to conduct a qualitative market research project. The objectives focused on exploring member comfort with healthcare benefits from High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP), Medicare, and Medicaid health plans with the client.

Additionally, the market research centered around identifying problem areas and improvements across several aspects of the member experience. The market research provided the client with feedback and insights needed to help guide operations, marketing, and strategic decisions.

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To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research utilized the approach of focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs). The market research took place with members in two Upstate New York markets: (1) Rochester and (2) Syracuse. The target audience was members whose primary health insurance was HDHP, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Drive Research developed a recruitment screener to qualify participants for the qualitative market research. For the recruitment, Drive Research placed phone calls to member telephone numbers.

The recruitment screener consisted of 10 questions. If qualified, Drive Research scheduled participants and sent a confirmation email or letter with the designated date, time, and other key information. Participants also received a reminder call 24 hours before the discussion and a reminder text the morning of the discussion.

A total of 39 members participated in this research, 33 participated in the focus groups and 6 completed IDIs. As a thank you for time and feedback provided by members each were offered a reimbursement. Focus group participants were provided with sandwiches, snacks, and beverages during the on-site discussions.

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The results remain confidential with the client. However, key findings and improvements were highlighted throughout the executive summary of the report.

The executive summary in the report was broken down into 6 different categories:

1. Key pain points and improvements

2. Pain points and improvements with the process of selecting a plan

3. Pain points and improvements with the process of selecting providers

4. Pain points and improvements with the process of filling medications

5. Pain points and improvements with billing and paperwork

6. Pain points and improvements with comfort using the organization

The report included a background and methodology and executive summary which featured 14 pages of key findings. The key findings detailed specific pain points and improvements reported by members throughout the focus groups and IDIs.

In addition, the report included an appendix. The appendix featured an analysis of the data gathered in the participation packets during the focus groups and final versions of the focus group moderator's guide, participation packet, IDI guide, and online screener document.

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