Case Study: Employee Survey for Staff Profiles on Website

Case Study: Employee Survey for Staff Profiles on Website

What were the objective(s) of the market research?

Drive Research recently partnered with Advance Media New York on a market research study for product design and engineering group on the West Coast of the United States. This market research is part of a data-driven strategy to develop digital marketing campaigns and tactics to grow business for the firm. This market research project focused on building employee content for the new website.

This was a follow-up to an extensive Voice of Customer (VoC) project conducted on behalf of the firm. The VoC conducted with current customers, former customers, lost customers, and wish list prospects concluded users were looking for very specific information when visiting a product design and engineering firm website.

One of these items was identifying staff and talent which would be working on a project. Experience was viewed as a crucial element to choice. In addition, decision-makers wanted to know what the background of employees was, what made them unique, what special training they had, and how they could help the client in a way no other firm could. These website objectives identified through VoC became integral parts of this project to build-out employee profiles for the website.

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What was the approach and methodology of the market research?

In order to address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research created a short online survey. The President of the company first sent an email to generate awareness of Drive Research, Advance Media New York, and the upcoming employee profile survey. The email mentioned the importance of the feedback and what it will be used for. This set the tone for the survey.

An initial invitation was sent to all employees with a direct link to the survey. Several reminders were sent as follow-ups since fieldwork ran over the holidays. Personalized emails and phone call reminders were placed to encourage the final set of responses.

The survey lasted approximately 3 to 5 minutes and included about 10 questions. Questions were designed to address what decision-makers would be looking for when reviewing staff profiles.

The short survey filled out by employees included the following questions:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Title
  • Discipline(s)
  • Areas of product development
  • Training and degrees
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Word or phrase clients would use to describe employee
  • What do you like best about working at the company?
  • What makes the company unique?
  • What do clients like best about the company?

This survey saved the client both time and money by avoiding the need to personally reach out individually for feedback to build these employee profiles for the website. Without a structure in place, feedback would have likely been unorganized and scattered. Directing all employees to the same online survey where they were forced to answer the same questions streamlined the profiles for the website build-out. It created a more cohesive and themed profile page.

What were the results of the market research?

The structured process used by Drive Research for this employee survey yielded a 100% response rate. All 50+ employees responded to the survey reach-out. Responses were unique to each individual yet all followed a streamlined questionnaire. This feedback provided by employees will ultimately be structured into a brand new website for the client. This website will be structured to perform well for content and SEO.

This employee data will improve the client's chances of closing new business. Providing the information decision-makers are seeking on the website ensures it meets expectations. This will ultimately result in more time on-site, more form fills, and more leads for the client. All because market research and a structured survey process was used to build-out employee profiles on the website.

How can Drive Research help your business on a similar project?

Drive Research is an employee survey company located in Syracuse, NY. We work with website designers and digital marketing companies to support back-end market research projects which provide data to guide decision-making.

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