Case Study: Department of Health Focus Groups in Rural New York State

Drive Research recently completed a qualitative recruitment project on behalf of a department of health organization. The study compared feedback and behaviors of smokers and non-smokers in rural Upstate New York counties. The focus groups were held in Herkimer and Broome counties in mid-March.

For an overview of the project, read the details below.

Case Study: Department of Health Focus Groups in Rural New York State

Drive Research worked on a focus group recruitment project for a department of health organization.


A department of health organization partnered with Drive Research to assist with a qualitative market research project in Broome and Herkimer Counties in New York State. There was a total of 4 focus groups, 2 in each county. A total of 11 participants were recruited for each of the 4 sessions expecting 9 to show. Each county included one group of non-smokers and one group of smokers based on screening criteria.


Drive Research reached out to rural populations in each area for the focus groups. Respondents were asked several screening questions around smoking habits as well as demographic criteria. Our qualitative recruitment company booked facilities for Wednesday, March 14 and Thursday, March 15 in the evening.

Drive Research targeted adults aged 18 to 64 years old. Our firm recruited participants online and placed follow-up calls to interested participants to confirm participation. Participants were emailed a confirmation with the date, time, directions to the location, and other information. Reminder calls were placed 24 hours before each focus group. Reminder texts were sent the day of the groups. This thorough process helps ensure high participation rates with Drive Research. All 4 groups produced high turnouts.

Team members from Drive Research hosted at each focus group. This included signing participants in, having them sign an audio recording release form, arranging food, beverages, and snacks, and processing honorariums of $75 at the conclusion of the discussion.


The findings and results of the focus groups remain confidential with the client. The client moderated each of the 4 focus groups held in Herkimer and Broome counties. Audio recordings were provided to the client at the conclusion of the market research.

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