Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey

Recently, a local integrated design-build firm partnered with our client satisfaction survey company to conduct a study. Working with a client satisfaction survey company ensures the feedback is honest and unbiased because the process is managed by a third-party rather than having the feedback being sent directly to the client. The market research company and partner managed the process from start to finish including kickoff, survey design, survey programming, online fieldwork, telephone calls, analysis, and reporting.

Our client satisfaction survey company recently partnered with a local integrated design-build firm who specializes in architecture, engineering, construction, and development to conduct a study to learn more about NPS.

Case Study: Client Satisfaction Survey


An integrated design-build firm partnered with Drive Research to conduct a client satisfaction survey to measure its net promoter score (NPS). The market research study provided the client with the necessary data to better understand client satisfaction, importance of factors when choosing a firm, and measure other key performance indicators (KPIs).

The data and findings from the market research helped guide the client with customer relationship strategies, marketing ROI, competitive insight, and opportunity areas to further strengthen the organization's client relationships. NPS ratings will be benchmarked and measured against future studies. The client satisfaction survey will be conducted annually.


To address the objectives at-hand, Drive Research recommended the following market research approach to the NPS client satisfaction survey. Drive recommended taking an approach that takes advantage of two methodologies in the most cost-effective way for the client. Using a combination of emails and telephone reminder phone calls ensured the best potential response rate for the client.

This mixed-mode approach used both online survey invitations sent via email and telephone phone calls to non-responders. The survey addressed the key objectives of the study including questions recommended by our survey team based on past NPS project experience as well as customized questions for the needs of the client.

Fieldwork began on Wednesday, November 15 and lasted until Wednesday, December 13. The survey consisted of 18 questions and took respondents 5 minutes to complete. A total of 30 responses were collected, representing a strong response rate of 56%, particularly with a small sample size of 54 clients.

The margin of error for this study was +/- 12% at the 95% confidence interval which means if the survey were conducted with another 54 random clients, 95 out of 100 times results would yield within +/- 12% points of stated totals.


Although the results remain confidential, we can share some of the specific objectives addressed in the study. These high-level questions which were answered through the client satisfaction survey included the following:

  1. How likely are clients to recommend the client?
  2. What drives loyalty with the client?
  3. What do clients associate with the client?
  4. What are clients most satisfied with at the client?
  5. What is most important when selecting?
  6. What are the top source(s) of awareness?

The client was provided a comprehensive PowerPoint report including an executive summary of themes, recommendations, an infographic, and an appendix of question-by-question results with all relevant cross-tabs. These included discipline, spend level, industry and others.

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