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Drive Research is a market research company who manages qualitative projects including research interviews. Scheduling and conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs) is no easy task. Many clients hire market research companies simply to assist with both recruitment and scheduling of interviews because of the time commitment.

Qualitative research interviews can provide a lot of value to a client. Here is an overview of the process of how market research interviews work:

1) Proposal

2) Kickoff

3) Workplan

4) Screener

5) List of Contacts

6) Recruitment

7) Interview Guide Design

8) Conducting of Interviews

9) Analysis

10) Report

Here are 4 tips to help you schedule research interviews.

4 Tips to Schedule Research Interviews | Market Research Company

Drive Research is a market research company who conducts lots of research interview projects with clients.

Tip 1: Explain Exactly What You Need

During your outreach to schedule research interviews make sure you are 100% clear with what you are asking. Explain you and your firm, why the research is being conducted, and who the research is being conducted for (if possible).

You should also explain how long the interview takes, whether it is in-person or over the phone, and whether responses are confidential. Also offer how much the reward or incentive is especially if there is no prior relationship with the potential interviewee.

Tip 2: Reach Out Multiple Times

As any market research company knows (or any salesperson), many respondents and participants will not respond to the first outreach. It often takes multiple emails and reminders to make ground and schedule research interviews. Some of the most difficult recruits take 3 or 4+ reach-outs to secure an interview.

Tip 3: Reach Out in Multiple Ways

It often takes different channels as well. Scheduling interviews often takes phone calls placed by recruiters. Since participants are extremely busy, ignoring an email is much easier than ignoring a personal phone call. If you use phone calls be prepared to conduct the research interviews on the spot. If the recruiter can get through to the contact, they often have 15 to 20 minutes at that time to conduct the interview. If not, it can be scheduled for a future date.

Tip 4: Be Persistent

As any good market research recruiter knows, persistence is key. There is no magic potion. It often takes both multiple reach outs through multiple channels to secure the interview. Giving up after 1 or 2 contacts is not enough. Potential participants and decision-makers are often very busy, particularly in B2B studies. It is about catching them in a small window of availability and getting a response.

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