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Looking for a market research company in New York? In this article we talk about 4 differentiators of our market research company which separates us from the pack. We've categorized what we do best into 4 key areas. These include: (1) responsiveness, (2) growth, (3) perspective, and (4) Drive.

Each of these differentiators is explained in greater detail below. Our market research company specializes in a number of qualitative and quantitative market research services. We work with a variety of clients in several industries across New York State and the country.

Our scope of services expands from coast-to-coast. Wherever your customers or growth areas are located, we can find a way to track them down, survey them, and use that feedback to drive decision-making.

As Liam Neeson once said in the movie Taken:

"We have a very particular set of skills. Skills we have acquired over very long careers in market research. Skills that make us a nightmare for your competitors."

He did say that didn't he? Close enough anyway.

For our market research company, data is just the beginning of the process. We work with you to pull insights, key takeaways, make recommendations, and take action with the market research. Drive Research is a business consultant that happens to use thousands of custom data points and feedback to make recommendations to improve your business.

4 Core Values of Drive Research | Market Research Company New York

Drive Research is a market research company in New York.

Core Value 1: Responsiveness

Our first core value revolves around responsiveness. If you've been following our market research blog, you'll realize we focus a lot on tips and education for our readers. We eat, breathe, and sleep market research. Therefore, we write about it.

We love what we do and we put in a lot of time to perfect our work products. When we are not working for our clients, we are working on our company.

This time we put in that other market research companies do not allows us to keep the pedal down at all times. We value time and follow-up and therefore we make it a point to respond and move fast for our clients. Our market research company creates a new definition for fast.

Our team pushes the status quo for turn-around time. Why take months when a project can be completed in weeks? Why takes weeks when projects can be completed in days? Our market research company does everything we can to accelerate the process and make tasks more efficient without sacrificing quality.

Core Value 2: Growth

Growth is everywhere with our market research company. We aim to grow our employees, our clients, our company, our culture, and the community. We empower our employees to take ownership in their market research projects and their work. The Drive Research employees become intrapreneurs for our company. Entrepreneurs from the inside.

The insights and strategy derived from our market research helps our clients grow their business as well. The market research findings ensure our clients' marketing, operations, and business strategy is aligned with the needs of customers and markets.

For each project we complete, our market research gives back a percentage of proceeds to organizations in need. This could be an organization one of our employees support or a cause that is backed by our client's organization.

When our mission is focused on growth for everyone, it creates wins for all involved.

Core Value 3: Perspective

You don't truly understand another person's position until you walk in their shoes. In essence, this is the basis and mission of market research. Market research is designed to learn about people's attitudes, decisions, and behaviors. It's all about perspective.

This is no different than the strategy we employ with our clients. Our market research company views all aspects of the market research from our clients' points of view. We strive to understand their needs, objectives, expectations, and desired results from the research.

Here is a list of some powerful market research company testimonials from our clients.

Core Value 4: Drive

It all comes together with our Drive. It is in our name, after all. At our market research company, Drive carries multiple definitions.

For one, Drive represents our belief in data-driven strategy for our clients. We collect data and feedback so all decisions can be based on facts and evidence. This results in a greater chance of success, less risk, and greater return. This is our fuel.

Oh, and coffee. That's our fuel too as evidenced throughout our website.

Secondly, Drive represents our passion for what we do. There's a reason we work so hard, write so many blog posts, and are obsessed with our client projects. We love it.

Success comes from combining hard work with passion and skills. We are passionate about our work, the impact it has for our clients, and the impact our give-back program has on our community.

We kick @$! and take names on a daily basis.

No really, we take names on a daily basis as people sign up for our market research panel. Interested in future paid research opportunities? Learn more here.

At Drive Research, we create a give and take culture for our employees. Did you work additional hours to go above and beyond to create an exceptional client report and deliver it to them a day early? That's a GIVE.

In our mind, you've earned some time off. That's a TAKE. The extra time you put in for our company made the report better, it was delivered ahead of deadline, and the client was likely very pleased with the outcome. That's a win for our company in our book.

Our market research company believes in flexibility both with our clients and our employees. Work where you are most productive. If you can crank out a well-written, logical, and creative survey at your local coffee shop, go for it. No need to be at your desk or watching the clock. We believe in productivity, not hours.

If you can work better, be more productive, and work faster, it doesn't matter to our company or our clients. If our clients are pleased with your output, we will be too.

That's a little inside look at how we define Drive.

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