4 Benefits of Location-Based Market Research Surveys

Utilizing location-based data is a rising phenomenon in market research. Whether you’ve seen/heard the methodology being referred to as location-based research, geofencing surveys, or GPS exit surveys – the approach is the same.

A location-based market research survey leverages geofencing technology to provide a feed of data from multiple sources such as Wi-Fi and GPS to target a specific audience. If a person steps inside the geofenced area, they are sent a push notification to fill out a questionnaire, generally about their recent experience regarding the site location.

While GPS exit surveys have numerous benefits, it is important to look for a market research company that has experience in this area. This methodology is fairly new and has its own technological requirements that must be set up correctly.

With several location-based market research studies under our belt, we have selected our top four advantages of this methodology.

Geofencing technology allows researchers to collect thousands of quality survey responses within days of being in fieldwork. Learn more benefits of the newest phenomenon in market research: location-based surveys.

1. Collect In-the-moment Feedback

Location-based surveys are a great example of a market research methodology that collects in-the-moment feedback. As soon as someone steps inside the targeted geofence they receive a push notification to take an online survey.

The in-the-moment feedback received through geofenced surveys is of great benefit to you. It is best to collect the opinions and emotions regarding a customer’s experience as soon as they are happening. The concern of time lapsing a customer’s judgment or memory is eliminated with in-the-moment market research.

2. Find the Exact Target Participant

Another huge advantage to conducting location-based market research is easily finding the ideal respondent for the survey. One of the most challenging parts of conducting a survey can be finding the right participant, such as finding a person who has visited a certain location at a certain time frame.

Using geofence technology, market research companies are able to target those people who visited a location with high accuracy.

For example, a retail store is using a location-based market research survey to measure customer experience in several of their locations. A third-party retail market research company creates a geofence near the exit of the store. As customers are leaving the store, they receive a notification to take a survey about their recent experience.

Questions may include factors regarding purchases, customer service, store cleanliness, and overall satisfaction. Because the marked area is by the entrance or exit of the store, the market research firm is assured that these people had a recent interaction with the store, rather than trying to target people through online panels or social targeting.

3. Less Expensive than Intercept Surveys

Location-based surveys are a great alternative to onsite research such as intercept or exit surveys. Onsite research can often be costly due to staffing interviewers, time to conduct research, and travel fees. Geofenced surveys eliminate the need for a lot of these expenses.

Using location-based surveys also allows you to survey customers of competing organizations. Intercept surveys require an interviewer onsite, speaking to those who entered or exited a specific site.

An organization would never allow an interviewer from a competitor to stand outside their building and collect feedback from their customers. Using device research, you are able to gain this same feedback without needing permission to be at any given location.

4. Earn More Responses

Lastly, one of the many benefits of using geofenced surveys is the ability to collect more responses. Location-based survey projects can easily be scaled up in size. This means you can speak with thousands of respondents across thousands of locations all at once and in a short period of time.

Similar to online surveys, the fieldwork of a geofence study can be wrapped up in as little as one week depending on project requirements and audience size.

Our market research company always says, the more responses, the better! With more responses, the results of a study are more reliable and less biased. With geofenced surveys, organizations are able to gain high-quality responses, fast.

This means organizations can receive high-quality data to start driving marketing and business strategies as soon as possible.   

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