3 Data-Driven Nougats Just In Time For Halloween

Love Halloween? Ditto. I even love (gasp) candy corn. Whether you love it or hate it, I'm sure you will enjoy reading these 3 data-driven nougats just in time for Halloween. Pun intended.

If you are left wondering about what the top candy sales are, the most popular costumes, or how Halloween impacts pumpkin spice sales, you have come to the right place.

Ready for data? Here are 3 data-driven nougats just in time for Halloween!

Data is pretty sweet. Check out these 3 Halloween data nougats!


#1: Top candy sales

CandyStore.com, which based its findings based off of 11 years of sales data, found the top 10 types of Halloween candy across America.

CandyStore.com also reported that $2.6 billion will be spent on Halloween candy this year, nearly 25% of candy Halloween purchases are made online, and most households spend an average of $27 on Halloween candy.

The top 10 types of Halloween candy in America are:

1. Skittles
2. M&M's
3. Snickers
4. Reese's Cups
5. Starbursts
6. Candy Corn
7. Hot Tamales
8. Hershey's
9. Tootsie Pops
10. Jolly Ranchers

For New York State specifically, the top 3 types of Halloween candy are Sour Patch Kids, Candy Corn, and Hot Tamales.

#2: Popular costumes

Next up, we took a look at the most popular Halloween costumes this year. Glamour reported the top ten most popular costumes this year based on the most searched costumes on Google.

The top 10 costumes this year are:

1. Fortnite
2. Spider-Man
3. Unicorn

4. Dinosaur
5. Witch
6. Harley Quinn
7. Superhero

8. Pirate
9. Rabbit
10. Princess

Chances are frighteningly high you will see a trick-or-treater with one of these costumes!

#3: Pumpkin spice sales

According to Nielsen, pumpkin spice flavored products are almost flying off shelves. In August, sales of pumpkin flavored products grew to $6.9 million. Compared to the same time last year, this is a nearly 10% dollar growth and 7% unit growth.

The top 10 pumpkin flavored products by sales this year are:

1. Pie filling
2. Dog food
3. Liquid coffee creamer
4. Packaged coffee
5. Cereal
6. Bread
7. Ready-to-drink coffee
8. Ice cream
9. Greek yogurt
10. Bread mix

Over the past year, sales of pumpkin spice products have reached over $488 million. This is a 15.5% growth compared to last year.

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