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  • delivering the bad news market research

    Delivering the Bad News in Market Research | Firm in Upstate, NY

    A key characteristic in the personal toolbox of a strong market research company is the ability to be objective. Some of the best market research suppliers earn their way to the top because of their keen ability to build retainer relationships with clients which span for many years. Through this relationship the market research team learns about its client's line of business and in-turn, the client learns about strategic benefits of market research. Over the course of these years and quite pos

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  • confidentiality no longer king in surveys

    Why Confidentiality is no Longer King in Surveys | Marketing Consultant in Syracuse, NY

    A few years ago I received a call from my mortgage broker just days after we purchased our first home. Previously, I submitted a customer satisfaction survey to the company online after we had finalized all of our paperwork for the purchase. Although the brokerage firm was helpful during the process in many ways, the company switched my primary broker half-way through the closing process and as a result the ball was dropped with regards to locking in an interest rate on my loan. In the survey, I

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  • benefits of fantasy sports in workplace

    7 Benefits of Fantasy Sports in the Workplace

    I read about the growth of fantasy sports (of all places) in Quirks magazine. For those of you unfamiliar with Quirks, it's a marketing research review magazine published monthly. The article discussed how technological advances in mobile technology has contributed to the growth of fantasy sports due to the increase accessibility of statistics and data for users. More than 10 million fantasy sports users accessed information from their smart phones in 2013, up 12% from 2012. Mobile is not only a

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  • Pairing Big Data with Traditional Market Research | The What and Why

    Pairing Big Data with Traditional Market Research | The What and Why?

    Big data. You've all seen the term. You've all read about the term. You're all probably sick of hearing the term at this point. In fact, half of you already stopped reading this post at this point because you're tired of hearing about big data. When it comes to market research, analytics, and metrics, is there any term less personable than big data? Let's face it, analysts working with big data are taught to not view people as people but as data points. Big data is analyzed to better understand

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  • a market researcher walks into a bar

    A Market Researcher Walks Into a Bar...

    Storytelling in market research. It's a trend that's been covered at every conference in the industry over the past few years. Storytelling is nothing new to teachers, authors, journalists, or even bedside mothers, but it's a new and sometimes uncomfortable concept for many market researchers. I mean, we're supposed to be data nerds not creative geniuses right? Unfortunately, business moves fast and market research has always fought to stay on the radar and in the budget. So instead of fighting

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  • directional research provides fast inexpensive results

    Directional Research Provides Fast and Inexpensive Results

    I came across an article the other day in Quirks titled "What can journalists teach us about crafting more compelling research reports" written by Eric Whipkey, assistant manager of member satisfaction and experience metrics at Navy Federal Credit Union. In it, the author discusses a number of market research trends I have been monitoring for a while including the need for market researchers to tell a story with data, days of 100+ page reports dwindling, and the growing inclination for organizat

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  • How We're More Than a Market Researcher

    9 Examples of How We're More Than a Market Researcher

    So there I was in the supermarket line waiting, 3rd behind the person checking out with the cashier. I often use my lunch hour to catch up on errands and do some grocery shopping to save more time for my family in the evening. During these few spare minutes with my grocery hand basket half-full I started to think about my to-do list for the afternoon. The customer's discussion with the cashier continued because she had an issue with her boxed macaroni and cheese and needed a price check. The wai

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  • traditional market research big data which is more actionable

    Traditional Market Research and Big Data | Which is More Actionable?

    It's no secret is one of my favorite business magazines and also one of my favorite business websites to check out on a daily basis. As far as I'm concerned nothing beats a cup of coffee with open on my laptop at 7:00 AM in the morning before I get prepared for the day. In particular, any articles which reference market research, big data, or anything customer feedback related are of particular interest to me. Take action with your data This article titled "The Best

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  • breaking down a market research report

    Breaking Down a Market Research Report Into 6 Pieces

    Report writing and using data visualization techniques are two are my most enjoyable tasks for Drive Research. Market research reports come in any forms, using many different programs from PowerPoint to Word to other types of graphic design tools. This blog post is by no means the end-all approach for writing a market research report, it's simply lays out the major pieces of what you should expect to see. Here are 6 key pieces of a market research report: Cover page - this is where you pro

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  • confidence level in market research

    Confidence Level in Market Research | Firm in Syracuse, NY

    Confidence level or confidence interval in market research is defined as the amount of certainty that the true values of the data lie within the stated number in your market research study. The industry standard for confidence level in market research is typically 95%. Other common confidence levels used in market research are 90% or 99%. Confidence interval usually ties into a margin of error in market research which is typically aimed to be +/- 5% or lower. Political polling is normally +/-

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  • Benchmark Data is Critical | Market Research Company Syracuse

    A benchmark statistic in market research is never undervalued. It is an initial study to gather measurements which will serve as a comparison to a future wave or phase of similar research. Benchmarks can be considered the constant in research design, acquired before changes take place. Businesses don't often realize the value of a benchmark until they do not have one. Over the years, I've worked with a number of clients who would have been served much better if they had used market research pri

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