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  • college football intercept surveys drive research

    Case Study: College Football Intercept Surveys

    The following post recaps a case study of a market research project completed for a sports marketing research company. Drive Research conducted intercept surveys at 5 college football stadiums across the country over a 5-week time period. On-site intercept surveys are an ideal methodology to collect in-the-moment feedback from attendees, fans, and event goers. For more information about the objectives, approach, and outcomes of the stadium intercepts, read about our case study on the project be

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  • intercept surveys new york market research

    Answers to Your Questions About Intercept Surveys | Firm in New York

    Intercept surveys are still one of the most utilized methodologies in market research because of the ability to capture participant feedback live and in-the-moment. Intercept surveys are an excellent way to collect feedback at the location where the customer experience (CX) actually took place. Not 2 weeks later through an online survey, 2 months later through a phone survey, or 10 weeks later through a mail customer satisfaction survey. It happens immediately. Our intercept survey firm has bee

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  • self administered intercept surveys

    3 Reasons to Choose Self-Administered Intercept Surveys

    When you think about intercept surveys or exit surveys at an event, you might immediately think of interviewers asking respondents questions about their experience. In many types of projects including mall intercepts, fair intercepts, and airport intercepts, you're likely to see a market research interviewer interviewing a respondent. In this post we explore some benefits of self-administered intercept surveys. What is a self-administered intercept survey? A self-administered survey is wh

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  • offline survey intercept survey company syracuse market research

    Key Benefits of Offline Surveys | Intercept Survey Company Syracuse

    Intercept survey projects are one of the best ways to gather in-the-moment feedback from attendees at a game or an event. Intercept surveys, like the projects we complete in Syracuse, collect accurate and reliable feedback because the customer experience (CX) just took place. This differs from a traditional online survey, mobile survey, phone survey, or mail survey in that there is often some time that passes between the experience and the follow-up survey. One of the most difficult parts of co

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  • mall intercepts market research

    How Do Mall Intercepts Work? | Mall Intercept Market Research Company

    No data is more accurate than feedback collected in the moment. Our mall intercept market research company knows a thing or 10 about these customer experience (CX) surveys. If collected on the spot and with the consumer, respondents are far more likely to remember their experience, report accurate motivations, and recall behavior. This is why intercept surveys and exit interviews are an important methodology in the industry. The longer you wait to obtain feedback, the less accurate and reliable

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  • increase event survey response rates

    3 Out of the Box Tips to Increase Event Survey Response Rates

    As an event survey company in Upstate, NY who has managed a number of exit survey projects from clients across the country, we know a thing or 2 about tips to increase intercept survey response rates. Event or intercept survey projects can prove to be a challenging venture, convincing attendees or customers to participate in a customer experience (CX) survey. Lucky for you, we will be providing you with a number of unique tips below to help. These go beyond the traditional event survey tips we

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  • in the moment feedback is the best intercept survey firm

    4 Reasons Why In-The-Moment Feedback is Best | Intercept Survey Firm

    Time is of the essence in market research. Take immediate action with in-the-moment surveys instead of waiting for those monthly, quarterly, or yearly survey results to roll in. Yawn. Market research which utilizes exit surveys or intercept surveys offers a ton of benefits for a sponsoring client. In-the-moment feedback is more accurate, offers real-time data, is immediately actionable, and is more credible. With market research you should be looking for a true reading on a customer experience

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  • exit survey market research upstate ny

    Your Ultimate Guide to Exit Surveys | Market Research Company Upstate NY

    Exit surveys are an excellent way to guarantee feedback around an event. With the amount of online surveys being sent and offered to respondents and the decline of phone survey participants, person-to-person engagement is often required to break-through and obtain feedback. Callers can ignore your survey through caller ID, they can delete your email invitation, they can throw out your mail survey, but it's much more difficult to turn a person down face-to-face. Many still do but the percentage i

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  • key drivers behind the adoption of in the moment market research

    3 Key Drivers Behind the Adoption of "In The Moment" Market Research

    Many of the latest market research trends are being driven by an undercurrent of participant apathy in surveys. The number of people no longer willing to participate in market research on their own free will is growing each day which forces those in the industry to rethink methodologies and approaches to increase engagement. Respondents are time poor, over-surveyed, expect to be reimbursed for opinions, and are more difficult than ever to get in contact with. Market research competes for their t

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  • intercept interview tips

    5 More Intercept Interview Tips | Intercept Survey Company Syracuse NY

    As the official intercept survey team of the New York State Fair, Drive Research knows a thing or two about intercept surveys. An average New York State Fair sees about 1,000,000 visitors exit its gates over the course of the 12-day event. With the Drive Research survey team working all 12 days of the New York State Fair to acquire over 600 completes from patrons exiting the fair, increasing interest and engagement in our efforts is key. Here are 5 more general intercept interview tips to assis

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  • in the moment market research vendor in syracuse ny

    "In the Moment" Market Research | Vendor in Syracuse NY

    When it comes to market research and data collection, "now" is always better than "later." Also true in the candy industry in my opinion. A survey can be conducted at any time, but the quicker you can survey your audience after a decision is made, an advertisement is viewed, or an event is attended, the higher the quality and reliability in the data. In the moment data provides you with more accurate data. Participants are much more likely to remember the specifics on an experience during or

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  • ways to increase response rates intercept survey company syracuse ny

    5 Ways to Increase Response Rates | Intercept Survey Company Syracuse NY

    Intercept surveys can be a tricky methodology. Unlike online surveys and mobile surveys that can be completed at the convenience of the respondent, intercept surveys perfect the art of interruption. However, they also provide companies with a prime opportunity to obtain feedback at a time that matters the most: in the moment. Whereas other methodologies capture feedback from attendees and respondents days, weeks, and sometimes months after an experience occurred, intercept surveys waste no time

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