Intercept Surveys

  • How Can I Survey Recent Visitors of My Store? | Retail Market Research Company

    Unless you have the widespread customer base of major national companies like Wal-Mart or Starbucks for your business, it may be a challenge to accurately survey those who visit your store. You likely won’t get very many qualified respondents by sending out a questionnaire to the general population. Don’t give up there, though! By partnering with a survey market research company, you can efficiently reach visitors and obtain high-quality data to support your business decisions and marketing eff

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  • 4 Benefits of Location-Based Market Research Surveys

    4 Benefits of Location-Based Market Research Surveys

    Utilizing location-based data is a rising phenomenon in market research. Whether you’ve seen/heard the methodology being referred to as location-based research, geofencing surveys, or GPS exit surveys – the approach is the same. A location-based market research survey leverages geofencing technology to provide a feed of data from multiple sources such as Wi-Fi and GPS to target a specific audience. If a person steps inside the geofenced area, they are sent a push notification to fill out a ques

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  • 4 Advantages of Conducting a Mobile Ethnographic Study Video with Drive Research

    4 Advantages of Conducting a Mobile Ethnographic Study | Smartphone Research Firm

    Mobile ethnography or smartphone research allows organizations to study research participants in their most natural setting. There are several benefits of conducting mobile ethnography studies as it is a progressive and natural way to collect feedback from a target market. This type of methodology usually involves a smartphone research firm sending research participants directions on actions they are instructed to take and an interview guide that includes questions participants are required to

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  • GPS Exit Surveys Eliminate the Need for In-Person Intercepts | Market Research Firm

    One thing is for sure, if your national brand wants to embark on an in-person intercept survey project at many of your locations, it will likely take a lot of time and will prove costly. To staff interviewers for in-person intercepts and travel to specific retail locations to collect feedback, logistics becomes a challenge. For example, our intercept survey firm conducted a college football project for a sports marketing company a few years back — this involved staffing interviewers with tablet

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  • The Top 3 Advantages of Geofencing in Market Research

    The Top 3 Advantages of Geofencing in Market Research

    GPS and mobile devices have unlocked a whole new level of targeting for market researchers. Before location tracking on smartphones, we could only tell if someone visited a location by seeing it with our own eyes or capturing a photo. We now have the technology to push online surveys to people remotely the second they enter specific coordinates across the world. This methodology in market research is known as geofencing or geotargeting. In a nutshell, researchers designate an area or areas on

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  • example pop up in screen survey | website survey company drive research

    4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Intercept Survey | Website Survey Company

    Collecting data from current and potential customers may be easier than you think. That is, if you have the right tools! First up, what is a website intercept survey? Website intercept data is collected through online surveys. Survey questions can be tailored for any industry or type of customer and general user. Website intercept surveys can be short and include as few as 3 questions. Or, website intercept surveys can cover multiple objectives and include up to 20 questions. There are severa

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    101 Guide to Mall Intercept Surveys in Market Research

    A mall intercept interview is just as the term implies. Participants are intercepted in a mall setting for the purpose of conducting an interview. Much of the time, participants are given a free sample of a product or a small reward in exchange for their participation. Almost everyone who has ever visited a mall has likely been approached to take part in a mall intercept interview, also commonly referred to as mall intercept survey. The data collected from the interview is crucial to marketing r

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  • website-intercept-survey-research-feedback-01152019

    What are Website Intercept Surveys? | Website User Feedback

    If someone is online shopping or just poking around a website looking for information they are forming opinions about their site experience. Website users are very observant. They notice everything from how smoothly a page loads, to how available a customer service representative is, to how informative the site is. Website users realize all of this information as they use the site. This makes website intercept surveys an effective way to collect feedback from users. A great way to keep users c

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  • retail store intercept surveys customer surveys | store shoppers

    Retail Store Intercept Surveys, Customer Surveys, and Market Surveys

    Drive Research works with a number of retail organizations across the United States to assist with both qualitative and quantitative market research projects. This post is an example of how a retail market research project could look like where both intercept surveys and online surveys are recommended for different reasons. For this particular theoretical client, it had several objectives in mind which were best addressed through these two methodologies. The following post is a theoretical case

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  • manage-intercept-survey-market-research-09122018

    5 Quick Tips to Manage an Intercept Survey Team | Firm in New York

    Managing a successful intercept survey project takes practice. Luckily for you, our intercept survey company has tips to help make your next intercept survey project a success! Wondering why choose to do an intercept survey project or how and intercept survey project works? We've got you covered. In a previous post we discussed the process of conducting an intercept survey project. Use the tips below to help guide your next intercept survey team and get them on the track for success. Use th

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  • long-intercept-survey-upstate-market-research-07112018

    How Long Should an Intercept Survey Be? | Company in Upstate New York

    At Drive Research, we love our intercept survey projects. They take us to fun locations like the New York State Fair, airports across the country, and some of the most historical college football stadiums. There we get to take in the atmosphere and collect some valuable data for our clients. One could argue there is no better way to collect in-the-moment data than an intercept survey. Rather than waiting to send an email survey or participating in research hours, weeks, or months after an exper

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    The What, How, and Why of Intercept Surveys | Firm in New York

    There are a lot of survey methodology choices in market research. This includes email surveys, text surveys, website pop-up surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, and intercept surveys. Choosing the right methodology can prove difficult and often requires a market research firm to help you understand the pros and cons of each methodology. You'll want to consider things like timeline to execute, cost, and the best quality feedback. This can push you in one direction or another. Qualitative or qua

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