Influencer Marketing Report: What Influencers Want From Brands

Interest in influencer marketing continues to grow with more brands looking to secure partnerships and place opportunities as alternatives to traditional advertising. 

As more influencers solidify their position and content creators enter the space, it’s increasingly important for marketers and organizations to be aware of how to best work with them if they hope to stand out against competitors.

What makes content creators and social media personalities more likely to partner with one brand over another? What types of brand partnerships are attractive to influencers? And how can you protect your relationship with your influencers, so they remain loyal to you?

Drive Research, a national market research company, surveyed over 100 influencers and content creators to help answer these types of questions (& many others). Respondents ranged from nano to mega influencers across different verticals such as lifestyle, fashion, beauty, travel, and more.

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What's inside the report?

In this report, we share the results of our online survey conducted with influencers and content creators of varying following sizes and verticals. 

It is our hope that brands and organizations can use insights inside this report to further enhance their influencer marketing strategies with data-driven decision-making.

We look at:

  • How often influencers use specific social media platforms (and how that usage has changed in the past year)
  • What social platforms they post paid or sponsored content on
  • What social platforms they see as emerging opportunities for content creators
  • Factors influencers believe are most important when choosing brands to work with
  • Areas of opportunities for brands to stand out among competitors 
  • Compensating content creators (and when they'd be willing to work for free)
  • Best methods of communication for reaching influencers

Interested in conducting a custom study with influencers? Contact Drive Research today for more information.

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How Data Can Help Power Your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Leveraging our survey data from influencers can be highly valuable for brands when developing their influencer marketing strategy. Here are a few ways in which survey data can benefit brands:

Sponsored Content Placement

Knowing which social platforms influencers predominantly use for posting paid or sponsored content helps brands identify the most suitable platforms for their influencer collaborations.

Brands can focus their efforts on platforms where influencers are already experienced in creating sponsored content and have an engaged audience, maximizing the impact and reach of their campaigns.

Emerging Opportunities

Learning about the social platforms that influencers see as emerging opportunities for content creators provides brands with insights into upcoming trends and potential untapped markets.

By being aware of these emerging platforms, brands can be early adopters and gain a competitive advantage by reaching new audiences and leveraging the creativity of content creators in these spaces.

Establish Meaningful Relationships 

Understanding the factors influencers consider most important when choosing brands to work with allows brands to align their values, offerings, and marketing strategies accordingly.

This knowledge helps brands establish meaningful partnerships with influencers who genuinely resonate with their brand, resulting in more authentic and effective collaborations.

Standing Out Among Competitors

Identifying areas of opportunity for brands to stand out among competitors, as mentioned in the survey report, provides valuable insights into the influencers' perspectives.

Brands can use this information to differentiate themselves by emphasizing unique selling points, addressing pain points, or implementing innovative strategies that resonate with content creators.

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