How a Third-Party Can Improve Your Content Strategy in 2020 with Original Research

As we draw closer to the new decade, what goals can we set forth to improve our businesses and reach new territory? I’m guessing because you stumbled across this post, creating an effective content strategy is part of your 2020 objectives. 

You are not alone. As an industry, content marketing is pushing toward a worth of over $400 billion from both the investment and confidence organizations have put into content. With this growing market your business cannot afford to be left behind. 

Have you considered original research? Original research in content marketing is the process of re-purposing data and feedback from market research surveys for content purposes – such as blog posts, whitepapers, competitor compare cards, webinars, and so on.

Research-driven content can be the powerhouse of all content marketing for your organization in 2020. Here is how a third-party original research company can help. 

1. Carry the Grunt Work

An issue for many organizations whether they have an in-house marketing team or not, is lacking the time and resources to create personalized content. Content personalization involves gathering, reviewing, and analyzing data about your target audience to create content that best aligns with their needs or interests.

By adding an element of original research within your 2020 content strategy, businesses can effortlessly produce an extremely personal experience in their marketing efforts. Research-driven content allows organizations to speak specifically to visitors at their exact level of brand awareness (high or low). 

While this sounds and is ideal, it is not always easy for content marketers to set aside time to design, implement, and analyze survey data – where a third-party original research company lives, breathes, and sleeps data. 

For a small cost, a content marketing research company like Drive Research can carry out as much or as little of a content survey as is needed by your organization. Created a content survey, but don’t know how to find respondents? Ask Drive Research. Not sure where to even begin? Ask Drive Research

2. Already Written Content 

With any market research study implemented by a third-party, a key deliverable for clients is the market research report. However, the major difference with a content survey study is the results are meant to be shared.

Many times organizations seeking help from a market research firm is because they are looking for evidence and data to help solve their business challenges or objectives. 

These business goals often range from increase in new customers, improving employee retention, understanding target market awareness, measuring customer satisfaction, etc. Of course, market research can help with all of these objectives (more on that, here). But, the results from the studies are only shared with the client and their team.

Original research on the other hand is built on the basis of creating shareable content to gain fresh eyes and leads for your organization. In fact, original research can help with increasing new customers and improving brand awareness. 

With a market research report delivered by a content marketing research company, a lot of the material for your 2020 content strategy is already written for you. Realistically, all it takes on your end is a little reformatting and rebranding.

In little to no time your organization now has loads of content in your marketing arsenal. This can be recreated into blog posts, infographics, website copy, sales material, and more!

3. Honorable Data

Perhaps your organization has the resources to implement a content survey and is knowledgeable enough to analyze the data in way that is beneficial for your 2020 content strategy.

There is still one major outlier to be weary of if performing DIY market research. If conducting research in-house, especially research that is meant to be shared, readers can be skeptical to trust the results. 

For example, a financial institution conducts a content survey asking the general population questions about their current banking provider. The bank or credit union then takes the results from the content survey to publish a competitor compare card showcasing how their financial intuition outranked all of their competitors with factors such as customer satisfaction, pricing, and knowledge of services. 

Even if the results were accurate, it is hard for people to believe this wasn’t a made up study. It comes off as though the financial institution is self-proclaiming they are the best to attract customers. 

Original research conducted by a third-party however, verifies that the results were not fudged, skewed, or misrepresented to benefit the sponsor of the study. It is critical to produce research-driven content your target audience can 100% trust.

This better positions your organization as a thought leader and trusted partner in your industry by providing honest and reliable data. 

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