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    Customer Surveys for Manufacturers | How Does it Work?

    All companies should have a formal process to listen to customer feedback. This is especially true with manufacturers who often deal with multiple levels of customers: distributors, purchasers, end-users, etc. Each of these audiences may choose your product or brand for very different reasons. For example, your distributor customers may choose your company because you can ship stock quickly with minimal turn-around time. This in turn, helps them keep their inventory at capacity to fulfill order

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  • retail-process-market-research-08082018

    Intercept Surveys at Retail Locations | How Does the Process Work?

    In order to gather in-the-moment buyer feedback sometimes there is no other choice than conducting an on-site intercept survey at a retail location. One would argue, there may be no better options than in-the-moment feedback. This often occurs as the customer exits the store. These short interviews can target specific product purchases or inquire about the general shopping experience. All types of market research involve a lot of planning and preparation. Intercept survey projects are often the

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    Questions to Ask in a Customer Focus Group

    Focus groups are a form of qualitative research aimed at exploring topics, mindsets, and perceptions. The group discussion is centered around a dialogue with the moderator and participants. A guide is structured to move participants through sections of the discussion. Group sizes typically range from 4 to 12 participants and the discussion lasts between 60 minutes and 2 hours. Participants are paid between $75 and $250 depending on the level of customer you are seeking for the groups (e.g. gene

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  • answers-focus-group-recruiting-08062018

    Answers to Your Questions About Focus Group Recruiting in the U.S.

    Focus group recruitment can be a very challenging task for an organization or marketing agency to undertake. It often takes a lot of time and logistics to ensure success. It involves time spent on designing a screener, finding a list of targeted participants, paid outreach, re-screening phone calls, confirmation emails, confirmation letters, confirmation texts, and reminder galore. Sound daunting? This is often why organizations across the U.S. come to a focus group recruiting company like Driv

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  • start-voc-survey-market-research-08012018

    7 Steps to Get Started with a Voice of Customer (VoC) Survey

    Any good market research project takes a well-planned out process. Customer surveys are no different. A lot of work must go into planning and preparation of a project in order to ensure a successful outcome. Customer surveys provide organizations an opportunity to listen to feedback from customers in the masses. No anecdotal positive or negative comment here or there through comment boxes. A Voice of Customer (VoC) survey is a true representation of the pulse of your customer base. Several step

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    5 Basic Tips When Sending an Email Customer Survey

    When it comes to market research, almost everyone is familiar with the customer email survey. First off, customer satisfaction projects and customer surveys are a very basic and common form of market research. Most organizations recognize the need to collect feedback from customers, and typically capture data through some version of a customer survey. Second, email surveys are much more cost-effective and timely than customer surveys completed via printed cards, mailings, or phone surveys. The

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  • community-survey-market-research-07302018

    How to Complete a Community Survey | Market Research Company

    Community surveys are a form of quantitative research where feedback is commonly collected from a general population. A general population means all are eligible to take the survey if they reside or are a part of the community. In market research research terms this means the incidence rate is 100%. These types of surveys come in many forms. They include phone surveys, mail surveys, and online surveys. However, online surveys are typically the common choice for 3 reasons. First, online surveys

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  • Grow-business-market-research-07272018

    How Can Market Research Help a Business?

    Market research can help a business in a number of ways. It works as a true investment for an organization. Conducting market research ensures a higher chance of business success, reduces risk in your strategy, and helps your product and services match the needs of your customers or potential customers. However, there are still a number of businesses and organizations who decide not to use it. They feel as though they know the answers, their perspective is the only one that matters, or they fea

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  • myth-response-survey-market-research-tips-07262018

    The Myth: "No One Responds to Surveys"

    Over the past 15 years working in market research, I've heard this several times. The story usually goes something like this: "I receive survey invites all of the time. I never participate. I am asked to offer feedback on anything and everything I buy and I do not respond. How are you going to get anyone to respond to a survey?" Well, an entire industry has been built around respondents offering feedback and taking surveys. If people did not participate in surveys, our industry would not exist

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  • product-market-research-retail-07252018

    Product Market Research | Manufacturing, Retail, and More

    Product market research is essential to the success and growth of an organization. It comes in many shapes and sizes both qualitative and quantitative. Qualitative may include methodologies like in-depth interviews (IDIs), focus groups (both in-person and virtual), or small samples of mobile ethnography. Quantitative options include online surveys, phone surveys, in-home usage tests (IHUTs), and many more. Objectives or product market research can span far and wide as well. In this post we cove

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  • case-study-campground-research-07242018

    Case Study: Campground Association Survey Research

    Drive Research enjoys working with a lot of clients, but especially the ones close to home in Upstate New York. Such is the case with recently completed camping study with the a campground organization in New York State in partnership with an advertising agency. For this project, market research was used to lay the foundation of marketing and strategy for the client. They wanted to use survey data to ensure next steps aligned with the expectations and perceptions of their audiences (both member

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  • united-way-community-survey-non-profit-07232018

    United Way Community Survey Questions | Non-Profit Market Research

    This past Friday, I had the pleasure of speaking at the United Way of New York State Summer Conference in Glens Falls, NY. The three day conference combined a number of keynote presentations with breakout sessions to assist regional United Way organizations across the state. The conference was an excellent way to share success stories and case study examples for the regions to learn from one another. Drive Research presented in the 10:00 a.m. time slot on Friday to all conference attendees. The

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