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    4 Situations Where It Makes Sense to Choose a Mail Survey

    Although the growth of technology has led to cost-effective, timely, and quality market research through methodologies like online surveys, there remains situations where mail surveys remain relevant. Many organizations we work with do not have email contacts for all of their customers so outside of phone calls, they often choose a mail survey outright or a hybrid combination of a mail survey and email survey. The response rates are strong. Whether it is a mailed letter survey or postcard, we a

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  • need a customer survey estimate woman at computer

    Need an Estimate on a Customer Survey? | Components of a Quote

    If you are searching for an estimate on a customer survey, here are the 4 components you want to understand as you request a quote from a market research company. Estimates are not always an apples-to-apples comparison if you compare one bid to another. This is because there are many variables and unknowns with market research. Offering up some of this information on the front-end can help you obtain a more accurate estimate on your customer survey. Unsure about which methodology or direction t

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  • retail store intercept surveys customer surveys | store shoppers

    Retail Store Intercept Surveys, Customer Surveys, and Market Surveys

    Drive Research works with a number of retail organizations across the United States to assist with both qualitative and quantitative market research projects. This post is an example of how a retail market research project could look like where both intercept surveys and online surveys are recommended for different reasons. For this particular theoretical client, it had several objectives in mind which were best addressed through these two methodologies. The following post is a theoretical case

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  • improve-data-integrity-market-research-08272018

    5 Tips to Improve Data Integrity in Online Surveys

    When it comes to market research nothing is more important than data integrity. In the days where phone surveys were the most common form of market research, this was less of an issue. Phone conversations added an additional layer of data quality because the interviewer managed and directed the conversation. The data collection methodology with online surveys is more passive. There is no interviewer who manages the conversation and the market research firm is at the mercy of how much or how lit

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  • differential-scale-market-research-08232018

    What is a Semantic Differential Scale?

    A semantic differential scale is a type of survey question which asks respondents to select a specific rating with the two endpoints of each scale being antonyms. It works much like a 1 to 5, 1 to 7, or 1 to 10 likert scale but instead of "1" being least and "10" being most the numbers are replaced with words opposite one another. An example of a semantic differential scale is a fast food restaurant asking: "How were the french fries you recently purchased from our restaurant?" One side of the

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  • sum-scale-market-research-08222018

    What is a Constant Sum Scale in Market Research?

    A constant sum scale is a type of question used in a market research survey in which respondents are required to divide a specific number of points or percents as part of a total sum. The allocation of points are divided to detail the variance and weight of each category. Constant sum scales are a less frequently used question in surveys when compared to basic likert scales, single radio responses, or checklists (i.e. multiple response options). They are an excellent way to create variance amon

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  • secret-shopping-market-research-08212018

    Secret Shopping: How it Works and the Benefits

    We are biased, but our team believes all market research methodologies to be a little bit of fun. Regardless of whether that is an online survey, focus group, in-home usage test (IHUT) or another project. But when shopping is involved, isn't it fun for everyone involved? Secret shopping is a form of market research where shoppers are sent into stores to shop or make a purchase as part of the project. The key is that the shopper knows they are part of a secret shopping experiment but the store a

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    3 Simple Improvements to Your Customer Email Survey | National Firm

    Customer surveys conducted through email are one of the easiest market research projects to have up and running quickly. Organizations across the world use customer surveys to listen to customer feedback, drive change in an organization, and collect data to assist with difficult decisions. However, because they are so easy to implement, organizations often pull the trigger too quickly to launch without fully examining options to improve it. This is particularly true for organizations who choose

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  • Breakdown-costs-market-research-08162018

    Breakdown of Costs in a Customer Survey | Market Research Firm

    Customer surveys are a common form of market research and arguably the most valuable as well. Voice of Customer (VoC) market research is essential to businesses and organizations because it helps you better understand customer profiles, better understand motivators to choice, and helps you grow. Customer surveys come in many forms: paper surveys, mail surveys, intercept surveys, online surveys, email surveys, and phone surveys. For the purpose of this article today, I will talk about the most c

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  • free-tools-change-market-research-08152018

    7 Free Market Research Tools That Will Change Your Life (Maybe?)

    Well, that is a bold title. Life changing market research tools that are free? You probably want in. Although the life changing benefits of these tools are not likely to be grand, each individual tool does offer a lot of benefits and value to help you with your day-to-day projects and work. You may be aware of some of these tools, while others will likely be brand new to you. We hope you find these tools come in handy and maybe you'll even bookmark a few. They run the gamut from free survey sof

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  • review-market-research-survey-08142018

    3 Items to Review With a Market Research Survey

    Writing a great survey takes a lot of time, effort, and attention. It also takes a lot of experience to know what to look for and how to construct. Perhaps no type of organization knows this better than a survey market research company like Drive Research. Our team writes hundreds of surveys each year for a variety of different clients and industries. Through this experience and practice, we talk about 3 common areas in surveys which often create problems and issues for our clients. They cente

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    Conducting Focus Groups in NYC? Think About Upstate New York Instead

    Many focus groups are conducted in New York City (NYC) on a daily basis. When you search for focus group facilities in NYC, you're likely to come across a lot of locations inside and outside of the city. But, have you stopped to ask yourself: "Why are we only considering NYC? Have we thought about conducting these groups elsewhere in New York State?" Several cities in Upstate New York offer options for you for focus groups. These include traditional focus group facilities or pop-up locations in

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