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  • mapping-tools-market-research-report-11062018

    Using Mapping Tools for Surveys and Market Research Reports

    Data visualization is a popular technique used in market research reporting. Everybody loves a map don't they? We certainly do here at our market research firm. So much so we try to work at least one (and usually multiple maps) into our client reports. Mapping used in market research comes in many shapes and sizes. There are a variety of different plot points and maps a market research firm can create with data like ZIP Codes, counties, or even Census Tracts. We'll review some of the basic maps

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  • people-survey-responses-market-research-11022018

    How Many People Do We Need To Survey? | 400 Responses

    Understanding how many people to survey is a critical step in market research. Is 50 responses enough? 100? 250? 1,000? Regardless of how many people you survey, one thing is certain: The more people you survey among a random population, the more reliable the data becomes. But what is the sweet spot? When I say sweet spot, I mean the ultimate number or best-practice number which brings several variables together in harmony like budget, timeline, reliability, analysis, etc. 400 responses is con

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  • response-rates-market-research-11012018

    Everything You Need to Know About Response Rates in Market Research

    In market research, nothing can be more difficult than estimating a response rate. At the same time, nothing can be more important. A poorly estimated response rate can throw off a number of project components from analysis, reporting, to timeline. If your response rate to your survey is only 2% instead of 20% it may require more reminder emails, a larger sample pool to send invites to, or possibly reminder phone calls. All of which will drag out your budget and timeline for your market research

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  • market research for new products | home usage test company

    Market Research for New Products | Home Usage Tests (HUTs)

    Before you launch a new product or an existing product to a new market, you owe it to yourself and your company to conduct some pre-research. Several types of market research can be completed for new products including projects like in-home usage tests (IHUTs). These new product development projects are designed to test the product with customers prior to a full market launch. What are the benefits of product development research and pre-research? It helps you understand new markets and differe

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  • case-study-visitor-intercept-survey-fingerlakes-10242018

    Case Study: Visitor Intercept Surveys | Finger Lakes Region

    Understanding visitor profiles including motivations to visit, demographics, and amount spent is critical to a travel and tourism related business. Whether you are an attraction, event, destination, or tourism region, capturing this data directly from visitors is a must-have. It lends incredible insight into tourism behavior and economic impact which can drive marketing messaging, growth areas, strategies, and set your tourism destination up for success. Without this visitor intercept survey da

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  • case-study-education-reading-research-10222018

    Case Study: Education and Reading Market Research

    Here's the challenge: find parents with a child going into 3rd grade next school year who are willing to participate in an 8-week study. In addition, find parents who own an Android phone, fit specific income requirements, have WiFi in the home, and make sure nearly half of the sample represents minority ethnicities. Sound challenging? Learn more about how our qualitative market research company blew this recruit out of the water for our client in New York, NY, Appleton, WI, Houston, TX, and Ch

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  • questions-market-research-company-10172018

    36 Types of Questions From Our Market Research Company

    Searching for the best type of question to ask in your upcoming customer survey, market survey, or satisfaction survey? Guess what. You will not find it. Determining the best type of question to ask in a survey ultimately boils down to preference. You will likely have a preference, I will have a preference, and a market research company would have another preference. Choosing the right type of question depends on a number of variables including the intended length of your survey, the audience y

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  • traditional-research-age-data-10152018

    Where Does Traditional Research Sit in the Age of Big Data?

    In today's consumer-centric business world, most are terrified of alienating prospects. It is the proverbial boogeyman. Many traditional outreach methods have been all but retired because they are considered "intrusive" and supposedly run the risk of annoying customers. These traditional outreach methods include cold calls via telephone and even in-person door-to-door sales. In market research, data collection methods that refuse to evolve with changing times deserve to be retired as well. Rand

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  • case-study-state-fair-market-research-10102018

    Case Study: State Fair Market Research Project

    A full-service advertising agency in Rochester, partnered with Drive Research to conduct market research at the 2018 Great New York State Fair. The 2018 Fair attracted record attendance with over 1,279,010 attendees over the 13 day period from Wednesday, August 22 through Monday, September 3 (Labor Day). This set a new single year attendance record for the Fair. A large amount of ZIP Codes were collected from Fairgoers in 2018 (nearly 15,000 from attendees). The ZIP Code data represented a samp

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  • Benefits-pilot-market-research-study-10032018

    5 Benefits of a Pilot Market Research Study | Vendor in the U.S.

    Walk before you run. Don't bite off more than you can chew. Start small. You've heard them all and a pilot market research study employs the same approach. A pilot study in the market research world is an initial and smaller scale project undertaken before a much larger full-scale study. There are many benefits to considering a pilot study. In this post, we'll cover 5 of the key ones. As a market research vendor, we know a thing or two about running pilot studies for our clients. Our team has c

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  • market-research-services-manufacturers-collect-key-insight-09272018

    5 Market Research Services for Manufacturers to Collect Key Insights

    Obtaining customer feedback is crucial to the success of a manufacturer. As a manufacturing company, the term customer could mean many things to you. Customer could mean a distributor. Customer could mean and end-user. Customer could mean a buyer or purchasing agent. Customer could mean an OEM manufacturer. Whatever you deem as your customers, the same theory holds true: customer feedback is invaluable. When it comes to market research services for manufacturers, you are not short of options. Y

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  • next steps after a customer survey

    Next Steps After a Customer Survey | Company in New York

    Please don't sit on your customer survey results. This is in more ways than one. Your organization should be taking the results an employing changes, improvements, and operational adjustments to your internal processed based on what customers want, need, and expressed. It's simple, you listen to their feedback, and make those changes to grow and be a successful company. These next steps revolve around digital marketing. Now that your customer survey is completed, what do you do now? All of thes

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