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  • conducting-market-research-12182018

    6 Steps to Conducting a Market Survey

    Many organizations immediately jump to customers when they think of a survey. You may think: "I already know everything I need to know about my customers, I don't need to survey them." The same organization might think it would be great to survey the market as a whole or non-customers but do not understand the possibilities here. A market survey is an excellent way to survey a general population or target market where you promote your products or services. Customers buy from you from a variety

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  • case-study-test-diapers-12132018

    Case Study: In-Home Usage Test of Diapers in the U.S.

    Drive Research recently completed a qualitative in-home usage test (IHUT) for a popular brand of international diapers. The brand was looking to gather more feedback on the U.S. market to understand potential success and barriers to launch in the new market. This case study highlights the objectives, process, and outcomes of the market research. As a final deliverable, our product testing company prepared an executive summary with recommendations on next steps for the market launch. This also i

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  • case-study-healthcare-provider-12122018

    Case Study: Community Survey for Healthcare Provider

    If you are a healthcare organization trying to assess your awareness and image among the community, one thing is certain: you cannot do it alone. If you personally sponsor a survey and market it to the community your results will not be representative or truthful. Involving a third-party who can separate your brand from the study to make the entire process blinded is crucial. Research shows respondents are more likely to be upfront and honest about a topic or a brand through an independent surv

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  • cities-focus-group-market-research-12062018

    Best Cities for Focus Groups | 5 Factors to Consider

    Determining the best place to host a focus group is no easy task. If you are in charge of making the decision or making recommendations for your team, you'll likely be overwhelmed by the number of cities and choices within each city which offer a facility. Choices. Choices. We are here to help. If you are looking for the best cities for focus groups, this post will help to guide you to making the right decision. I will give you some factors to consider when making your choice and why each of

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  • case-study-digital-advisor-12052018

    Case Study: Digital Advisor and Robo Advisor Consumer Survey

    Drive Research recently completed an online survey with a regional bank to understand the usage and appeal of digital and robo advisors in the financial services industry. This is a new concept in the field in which a customer uses an app to help personalize and design an investment portfolio. The concept focuses on ease of set up and ease of use as a trade-off to more traditional investment services. What is a robo advisor? Learn more. Digital advisors and robo advisors are a new concept in t

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  • signs-recruiting-focus-group-research-11302018

    3 Signs You Are Not Recruiting for Focus Groups Correctly

    When it comes to recruiting for focus groups, there is the easy way, and the right way. Working in the market research industry for about 15 years, it becomes easier to point out the difference. Yet, organizations far too frequently opt for the easy and inexpensive route. Focus groups are one of the most common methodologies in market research. Because of this, many organizations opt to try to run their own focus groups internally. The groups are often developed on a whim among professionals wi

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  • conduct-market-research-doctor-11292018

    Tips to Conduct Market Research with Doctors and Physicians

    Thinking about conducting market research doctors or physicians? There may not be a more challenging audience to reach and receive feedback from. Doctors are very busy and focus their time on assisting and guiding patients. Trying to squeeze in a survey or short conversation for research purposes can prove very difficult for a doctor. However, our healthcare market research company is here to help. The tips below will help guide your team to ensure your project is set up for success and you app

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  • focus-group-syracuse-market-research-11282018

    Choosing a Focus Group Facility | Syracuse, NY

    Choosing the right focus group facility is no easy task. It takes a lot of research and information gathering to make sure your organization has made the right choice. Considering how important your qualitative and focus group project is, you want to make sure you make a smart and educated choice of your focus group facility. Although there are many factors which influence the choice of a focus group facility, I will cover 3 of the most basic and core criteria to consider. All 3 of these facto

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  • insight-analysis-customer-data-base-market-research-11202018

    Customer Insights Analysis: A Service to Help Profile Your Customer Database

    If you have a customer database or CRM tool, you are likely sitting on a wealth of information which can be used to generate customer insights, customer profiles, and customer segments. It's probably one of those things you and your organization has always wanted to dig into but it likely sits on the back burner due to a lack of time to give it the proper attention. Our partnership with a local agency with a national reach gives us the ability to gather an incredible amount of behavioral and de

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  • measure-awareness-brand-equity-market-research-11192018

    7 Steps to Measure Awareness and Brand Equity | Survey Company

    One of the most common uses of market research is trying to better understand branding. Studies are conducted throughout the year for some of the world's largest brands and throughout the Fortune 50 list of companies. These brands continually measure awareness, identity, sentiment, and perceptions among their customers and the general public. The only way to assess this is through market research. Without market research or analytics there would be no way to measure these key performance indic

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  • create-mobile-friendly-survey-market-research-11132018

    NY Market Research Firm Offers 4 Tips to Create a Mobile Friendly Survey

    Surveys are a common method for conducting market research. With 3.7 billion people using a mobile device, mobile-friendly surveys are crucial to optimize the value of data gathered. There are obvious differences between a mobile device and a computer device. Studies have shown people in today’s society are never far from their mobile device and favor using mobile devices for surveys over other methods of survey distribution. Due to these facts it is essential that surveys are designed to for mo

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  • what is the roi on market research drive research

    What is the ROI on Market Research? The Answer is a Tricky One

    Return on investment or ROI. It's something all of us in business and marketing seek but rarely take the time to calculate. When it comes to ROI in market research, it's not as easy to calculate as it is in other marketing arenas. For example, take paid search, SEM, or pay per click. As a marketing manager you set a monthly budget for paid search terms. You tie these search terms back to campaign tracking codes for visits to your website and goals. Therefore you know exactly how many orders or

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