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  • nice-market-research-effect-01212019

    Stop Being So Nice in Market Research. Sincerely, the Friendliness Effect

    Consumer suggestions and feedback are essential to brand success. In many cases, it is through customer feedback that significant issues with products and services are effectively resolved. For many brands, though, they fail to take into account the Friendliness Effect when performing market research to obtain feedback. It all boils down to bias. Unfortunately, market researchers and marketing professionals acting as market researchers are often bias without intentionally meaning to be. For bra

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  • research-driven-content-marketing-01182019

    Examples of Research-Driven Content Marketing and Strategy

    Last week, I presented "Using Market Research to Drive Content Marketing" at a lunch and learn for a local advertising agency here in Syracuse. The topic of the presentation was to help the staff understand creative ways and new strategic ways to think about how market research can be used to fuel content marketing and content strategies for clients. Traditional market research is often viewed as stodgy, internal, and confidential. The results are often used to drive internal decisions, measur

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  • market-research-at-home-product-test-01162019

    At-Home Product Testing Market Research

    If your brand is on the brink of entering a full-fledged product launch, you may want to consider at-home product testing market research. As part of the testing, your product is shipped to a variety of participants where they can use it in their home as they normally would in its natural environment. Also crucial to the testing is customer feedback, which is usually garnered over the phone, via an online feedback survey, or in person. The length of time that passes from the point in which the

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  • research-based-content-01112019

    The What, How, and Why of Research-Based Content?

    When one thinks of market research, they most likely think about more traditional market research projects. This might involve studies to: Examine customer satisfaction (CSAT) Explore KPIs such as awareness, image, and perception Discover the "why" behind specific customer behavior Understand new product development Market research was always thought of as anonymous, confidential, and proprietary. "Don't share the results." "Make sure the data says in-house." In the past, these were comm

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  • In-Home-Interviews-Market-Research

    In-Home Interviews in Market Research

    So many methodologies to choose from in market research. Each offer their own unique pros and cons. Quantitative or qualitative? Phone surveys or focus groups? Work with a market research advisor to understand which approach is best suited for your objectives. If you have a product or service that consumers use in-home, you should consider in-home interviews. No methodology will provide you more real-use context and feedback than interviewing consumers in their natural setting. Want to learn m

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  • piggyback-survey-market-research-01082019

    What is a Piggyback Survey?

    Most would agree market research is an essential pre-cursor of strong business strategy. It provides better data for better decisions to improve strategy. It's hard to argue with the value of market research if you choose the right objectives and the right approach. The insights and recommendations derived from a survey offer tremendous ROI. However, a common concern about market research or just marketing in general is the expense. "It's too costly." "I can't afford market research." "I wan

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  • improve-roi-marketing-research-tips-01042019

    3 Ways to Use Surveys to Improve the ROI of Marketing

    Surveys are an excellent way to help a business understand return on investment (ROI). Whether it is marketing, advertising, or even market research, the value lies with the return. Organizations certainly have a budget but if the ROI is 2X or 3X advertising spend, spend can often increase. However, it's tricky to truly understand the ROI of all of your marketing efforts. Nowadays with digital marketing it's fairly easy to track impressions and clicks. Tying back this data through Google Analyt

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  • buffalo-ny-focus-group-market-research-01022019

    Looking for a Focus Group Facility in Buffalo? Consider Syracuse. Here's Why.

    Options exist. If you are looking to host a focus group in Buffalo or Western New York, you may want to think about broadening your scope to include Syracuse. Located only 2 hours from Buffalo, Syracuse offers several advantages over the options you may find in Western New York. We highlight 3 of these features below you should consider when weighing your decision. This includes (1) very similar demographics to Buffalo residents, (2) a central location in Upstate New York, and (3) the ease of a

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  • market-research-traits-12282018

    Best Market Research Companies | 13 Traits to Look For

    Not all market research companies are created equal. Searching for a quality vendor can be an overwhelming process for you as you try to balance budget with expertise. Outside of just market research, we are all looking for a vendor we can trust, who does quality work, and is affordable. Without having any prior experience with a market research company, this can become a difficult proposition. Here are 13 traits the best market research companies exemplify. Some of these traits are likely ass

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  • Should You Use Customer Feedback Surveys | 4 Things to Consider

    Should You Use Customer Feedback Surveys? | 4 Things to Consider

    Customer feedback surveys. It is something a lot of companies swear by and cannot do without. Those who do not do it typically want to do it but just have not had the time, budget, or expertise to apply it. Customer feedback surveys come in many shapes in sizes. The important part is instituting something to collect and review comments from your customers. Here are some examples of forms of customer feedback surveys: Comment cards at your retail store or restaurant Email surveys sent after th

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  • market-research-manufacturers-process-12212018

    Market Research for Manufacturers | How the Survey Process Works?

    If you are thinking about running a market research project for your manufacturing company, make sure you do it right. Rather than just quickly throwing together a survey make sure you and your team have thought through the objectives and what you want to get from the market research efforts. Ask yourself these 3 questions: What do you want to learn from the market research? What are your expectations of the market research? How would you like to use the results to guide next steps? Once yo

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  • tourism-run-market-research-visitor-12202018

    Visitor Surveys for Tourism | 5 Tips to Run Successful Market Research

    Visitor surveys in the tourism industry are an excellent way to shed light on demographics, behaviors, and trends among populations coming to your region. Visitor surveys extend far beyond a single attraction. Visitors surveys are easy to implement for a destination, town, region, and even state. No matter what your scope, a visitor survey can tackle your objectives. The scope of a visitor survey in tourism can range from organization to organization. Some of the common objectives of a visitor

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