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  • retail-ethnography-market-research-02222019

    4 Key Points About Retail Ethnography

    Ethnography is a form of market research where observers watch consumers interact with products in a natural setting. One of the more common locations for ethnography research is in a retail setting. Ethnography is made easy in this setting typically because stores already have cameras and observational tools as part of their data analytics and loss prevention software programs. Thinking about using retail ethnography to help you understand your shopper experience at your store? The observation

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  • ad-recall-market-research-02202019

    What is Ad Recall in Market Research?

    Spend. Spend. Spend. The world of advertising is all about spending money to reach targeted geographies, targeted users, and generate revenue. Although the days of digital marketing have made advertising easier to track and measure, an enormous gap still exists in the industry between market research and advertising. Digital analytics do an excellent job at telling the story about the "what?" and "who?" Who clicked our ad? How much engagement did our ad have? What did the impressions look like?

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  • online-survey-fun-engaging-market-research-02192019

    How to Make an Online Survey More Engaging and Fun for Respondents

    The market research industry and online surveys often get a bad rap for being boring and stuffy. At Drive Research we like to challenge the status quo of the industry by working to make our online surveys more fun and engaging for respondents. Respondent engagement is always top of mind for our team. If respondents are not willing to offer feedback and take part in online surveys, our industry would not exist. It is important to keep these tips in mind when you launch your next online survey.

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  • look-focus-group-syracuse-market-research-02182019

    What to Look for in a Focus Group Facility? | Syracuse NY

    Conducting a focus group study can provide insightful marketing research. Brands take the information obtained from the study to improve products or services as well as the overall customer experience (CX). Keep reading to learn about key factors to consider when choosing a focus group facility. Not all focus group facilities are created equal. Searching for the right facility for your qualitative market research? Consider these factors. Factor 1: Recruiting Capabilities The most important

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  • focus-group-higher-ed-market-research-02132019

    How to Conduct Alumni Focus Groups | Higher Ed Market Research

    Higher education institutions often come to Drive Research to assist with alumni market research. The studies typically involve further understanding and insights from the alumni CRM database colleges and universities have. If any type of CRM database analysis was done as a first step, it most likely segments the alumni affinity groups into different buckets. This segmentation analysis can provide incredibly helpful to a higher ed institution as they look to understand their database. The objec

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  • tips-recruit-participants-market-research-02122019

    5 Tips to Recruit Participants for Qualitative Market Research

    Recruiting participants for qualitative market research is no easy task. If your organization has never embarked on this before, it may make a lot of sense to reach out for some advice or a quote for the job from a qualitative recruiting company. There are several factors your organization will need to excel at in order to make the recruitment project successfully. In this post, I discuss 5 tips to assist with your qualitative market research recruiting. They are aimed to make the process effec

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  • case-study-re-brand-market-research-02062019

    Case Study: Market Research to Re-brand an AEC Company

    Drive Research recently completed a rebranding study for a local architecture, engineering, and construction company in partnership with an advertising agency. The market research was used as a foundational piece for next steps with the branding, marketing, and messaging. This market research blog post highlights the objective, process, and outcomes of the project. Drive Research works with a number of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) firms in Central New York (CNY). Learn more

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  • group-effect-bias-market-research-01312019

    What is Group Effect or Group Bias? | 101 Market Research Guide

    It's important to be aware of the group bias effect when performing market research. This bias can negatively impact a person's answers when taking part in qualitative research studies. Keep reading to learn more about the group bias effect, including what it is and how to prevent it from occurring when conducting focus group studies for market research. Group effect or group bias can have a major impact on the results of your focus group or qualitative research. Learn more about it and how to

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  • tips-travel-tourism-market-research-01302019

    7 Tips to Help With Travel and Tourism Surveys | Visitor Market Research

    Thinking about doing a visitor survey for your travel and tourism related organization? You've come to the right place. Drive Research shares 7 tips to help you with your survey process covering everything from invite language to survey tips, reminders, and thank yous. If you are going to put the effort and time into running a visitor survey make sure you do it right. If you have little experience in market research it helps to reach out to an advisor or consultant to guide you on best practice

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  • case-study-physician-healthcare-01282019

    Case Study: Cardiologist and ED Physician Healthcare Survey

    Physicians are one of the most difficult to reach and expensive audiences to research. Their time is extremely valuable. If your organization needs to conduct a survey or market research with this group, it is critical to ensure you are doing things the right way. Here are 4 tips when conducting market research with physicians. Testing, medications, and the patient treatment process varies significantly from country to country. In a recently completed study by Drive Research, a healthcare surv

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  • guide-mall-surveys-market-research-01242019

    101 Guide to Mall Intercept Surveys in Market Research

    A mall intercept interview is just as the term implies. Participants are intercepted in a mall setting for the purpose of conducting an interview. Much of the time, participants are given a free sample of a product or a small reward in exchange for their participation. Almost everyone who has ever visited a mall has likely been approached to take part in a mall intercept interview, also commonly referred to as mall intercept survey. The data collected from the interview is crucial to marketing r

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  • market-research-digital-marketing-01232019

    How Market Research Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Market research goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing. Some of the best digital marketing and marketing strategy is based on sound market research. Conducting market research as a first step prior to a new campaign or prior to a new year of marketing strategies, pays huge dividends. There are reasons why many organizations plan and budget for market research prior to launching a new digital marketing strategy. Refining a campaign after it has started means you are already willing to accept w

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