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  • online-reputation-improve-customer-rating-business-tips-04222019

    Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company | Improving Customer Ratings

    How many times have you gone online to make a purchase or research a brand and reviewed company ratings? Often right? You are no different than your potential customers who are actively researching and forming opinions about your brand before they even contact you. We call them stealth customers. You know they are researching you. Yet, they have not reached out to your organization through a contact form, phone call, email, or simply came to your retail location. Before a purchase, customers w

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  • market-research-data-collected-04052019

    How is Market Research Data Collected?

    If there is one thing our market research firm in New York knows how to do, it is how to collect market research data. So you are in the right place to learn more about how market research data is collected. The short answer is: there are many options. The long answer is explaining each of those data collection options in greater detail, which I will do in this post. Choosing the right approach boils down to your objectives and resources at your company. The 6 options I am presenting are: Dat

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  • third-party-employee-survey-market-research-04032019

    Using a Third Party for Employee Surveys

    Surveys are the most common and well-known form of quantitative research. Many of you reading this have likely written a survey or participated in a countless number surveys in your past. In order to obtain accurate, unbiased, and representative results, survey writers need to ensure they carefully script their questionnaire and address the right sample of participants. Survey design is a science and professionals in the industry like Drive Research will analyze a number of variables to deliver

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  • best-place-hold-focus-group-market-research-03282019

    Where is the Best Place to Hold a Focus Group? | Focus Group Cities U.S.

    Choosing a place to host a focus group is no easy decision. When doing a simple search for focus group facilities in the U.S. you are likely to come across hundreds of potential locations in cities across America. The choice is not easy. In this post, I'll walk you through some questions to ask yourself before deciding on how to move forward with your focus group location. This includes reviewing items like: The type of location you want to host the groups at The type of audience you are look

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  • e-commerce-market-research-case-studies-03222019

    E-commerce Market Research Company | Case Study

    Drive Research recently completed a study with an e-commerce company who obtained over 500,000 unique visitors per day to the site. The e-commerce website aggregates content from other national and state websites to create a single source of information for users. The client offers several valuable third-party add-ons and services sold to the site user. This post is a summary of the project conducted by our e-commerce market research company in New York. Our team worked with the client to creat

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  • syndicated-research-benefits-03182019

    What is Syndicated Research? | Key Benefits from Our NY Market Research Firm

    Maintaining a competitive edge is a difficult task for many brands. It requires staying informed of the latest industry trends, which, of course, can be time-consuming and costly. A solution to sustaining a competitive edge can be found through syndicated research, which gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness of your brand, tap into valuable insights and intelligence, as well as create revenue-generating tactics. Syndicated research is much different than custom market research. Lea

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  • requesting-propsal-market-research-03132019

    Tips for Requesting a Market Research Proposal, Quote, or Estimate | 5 Tips

    If your organization is considering requesting a market research proposal, quote, or estimate, we suggest you review these 5 tips. As a market research company in New York, we know a thing or two about what to look for when requesting this information. Briefly, here are the factor(s) you should be considering when requesting a market research proposal, quote, or estimate: Responsiveness Excitement and interest Background and experience Bringing something new to the table Cost options Cons

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  • central-location-test-market-research-03072019

    Central Location Test (CLT) in Market Research

    A central location test (CLT) is often performed for quantitative research purposes. Unlike a home-use test where testing takes place in the participants' homes, CLTs take place in a controlled environment. CLTs, commonly referred to as hall tests, have a number of advantages, including the ability to interact in-person with the participants. Central Location Tests (CLTs) are a great way to create a controlled environment for your market research. This is often essential for taste testing and s

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  • battle-client-needs-survey-market-research-03062019

    The Constant Battle: Client Needs Versus Respondent Experience in Surveys

    Working as a market research supplier, our team walks a delicate line each day keeping both our clients and our survey respondents happy. This is not always an easy thing to do in our day-to-day roles. However understanding both perspectives of these audiences is critical in market research. If your service model and market research approach focus too much on pleasing one of these audiences without considering the perspective of the other, you will set your market research project up for failur

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  • market-research-awareness-usage-03012019

    Attitude, Awareness, and Usage Survey (AAU) | Market Research 101

    Market research is never short on acronyms. If you are planning on conducting a quantitative survey you will have plenty of options. These include acronyms like customer satisfaction surveys or CSAT. Or image and awareness studies or an I&A survey. This article discusses the basics of an attitude, awareness, and usage survey (AAU) in market research. I will cover the definition, a process overview, and some of the benefits your organization would receive from running an AAU survey. Whether you

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  • home-energy-utilities-focus-group-case-study-02272019

    Home Energy and Utilities Focus Groups | Case Study

    It has been a busy month at the Drive Research focus group facility in Syracuse, NY. Clients have traveled in from Texas, California, New York, and the U.K. to utilize the focus group facility for their qualitative market research. All of these rentals were paired with a qualitative recruit where Drive Research was charged with recruiting specific individuals to participate in the market research study. Learn more about one of the most recent projects here. Drive Research recently completed ho

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  • qualitative-recruiting-case-study-02262019

    Qualitative Recruiting and Focus Group Rental | CPG Case Study

    Drive Research works with companies and organizations across the world to recruit and host focus groups in Syracuse, NY. With our brand new focus group facility being added for 2019, we have already hosted a number of focus groups on-site spanning from grocery and consumer packaged goods (CPG) to home energy and utilities. In this case study, we provide an overview of a recent project completed for a meatless substitute product at our facility. Learn more about the overview for the project, our

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