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  • benefits-video-responses-market-research-07192018

    3 Benefits of Using Video Responses in Online Surveys

    The dreaded open-ended question in surveys. It goes against everything we believe in survey design. Surveys are supposed to be quick. Surveys are supposed to be fun. Surveys are supposed to be engaging. Some may feel open-ended questions fit none of those characteristics. An open-ended question is a free text response where a respondent is asked to type a response. This can be as short as 1 or 2 words, or a paragraph. They often take more time than a closed-ended question with radio button sele

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  • email-reminders-online-survey-market-research-07182018

    How Many Email Reminders Should I Send For My Online Survey?

    Email surveys are the most common quantitative methodology used in market research nowadays. The reasons are plenty. First, they are a cost effective way to collect feedback from a sample pool. Second, they are timely. Email surveys can be conducted over the course of a day or a few days. Third, the representation of the larger population is strong. The ability for surveys to be mobile-friendly has coincided with the growth of the smartphone in the past decade. With more people having access to

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  • market-research-online-diary-07172018

    User Experience (UX) Market Research Firm | Online Diary and Ethnography

    This blog post is a recap of an example user experience (UX) recruitment project in 3 cities across the United States. Although Drive Research is a full-service market research company and often manages all facets of the project including moderating and reporting, for some projects our team is tasked with executing only the recruit. This outlines an example of this where Drive Research was responsible for the recruit-only in a 2-phased market research study with a national organization. Drive R

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  • need-market-research-answer-07122018

    Do I Need Market Research? | 44 Questions It Can Answer

    We would argue there is always a time and place in business for market research. If timeline and budget were no obstacle, every decision made would be backed by data, facts, and evidence collected through market research. Deciding on a time for your weekly meeting with your team? Send out a survey to inquire about best times and days for everyone. Deciding on where to go to lunch tomorrow? Host a focus group with your team to understand preferences for Mexican, Thai, or Italian. Simple and far

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  • long-intercept-survey-upstate-market-research-07112018

    How Long Should an Intercept Survey Be? | Company in Upstate New York

    At Drive Research, we love our intercept survey projects. They take us to fun locations like the New York State Fair, airports across the country, and some of the most historical college football stadiums. There we get to take in the atmosphere and collect some valuable data for our clients. One could argue there is no better way to collect in-the-moment data than an intercept survey. Rather than waiting to send an email survey or participating in research hours, weeks, or months after an exper

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  • increase-response-rate-market-research-07102018

    6 Ways to Increase Response Rates to Your Customer Survey

    Response rates. They can be very tricky because when you launch a survey you are jumping into the great unknown. How many will reply? You think you have an estimate but how sure are you? What if you receive only 50 responses? Are you equipped to handle 5,000 responses for analysis and reporting? That is a lot of unanswered questions. With the majority of clients our customer survey company works with, most of the concern revolves around too little feedback. We've even worked on some projects wh

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  • senior-housing-study-market-research-07092018

    3 Components of a Senior Housing Feasibility Study

    Housing developers and financial lending institutions often partner with Drive Research on market research studies. Several of these studies center around assessing the feasibility of senior housing or senior market-rate apartments in a specific geographical area. The client is often interested in understanding: (1) demographic shifts in the target market area and changes in elderly populations impacting success of the concept, (2) competitive senior apartment offerings, rates, amenities, and o

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  • manufacturing-options-market-research-07062018

    Market Research Options for Manufacturing

    If you work in manufacturing you are likely familiar with options. Your company likely offers anywhere from one hundred to hundreds of thousands of SKUs or more. When it comes to choosing a market research project, the landscape is similar. Lots of options. We always recommend getting some advice from a manufacturing market research company. Regardless of whether you decide to use the consultant or continue in-house, the vendor should offer some insight and expertise into the right next steps f

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  • key points in our market research drive research

    5 Key Points in Our Market Research Explainer Video

    Searching for a quick explanation about market research in a short explainer video? Look no further. Our market research firm gives you a recap on the basics of market research and how working with an expert might look like. The 60-second explainer video below recaps several parts of market research. Spend a minute watching this video and then read our recap below on our 5 key points from our market research explainer video. Watch the 60-second explainer video on our market research firm her

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  • taste-testing-market-research-07032018

    Taste Testing Market Research | How Does it Work?

    Is there anything more fun than taste testing market research? The answer is clearly no. But let's look beyond the enjoyment for both the organization conducting as well as the participant tasting. In there lies a lot of value and insight in these tests. The feedback received through a taste testing market research company offers the sponsor evidence and facts to guide go-to-market strategies, marketing efforts, and even ways to improve the taste and functionality of the product. Fact is fact i

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  • Winery-market-research-guide-07022018

    Ultimate Guide to Winery and Wine Trail Market Research and Surveys

    Our team at Drive Research thoroughly enjoys the winery market research projects we work on. Our team works with wineries to help their teams utilize our unique knowledge, streamlined process, and strategies to accelerate success. This post outlines the level of detail and thoroughness our winery market research company applies to every step of our research and marketing strategies roadmap. This roadmap ensures our team adheres to deadlines and operate on-budget. Drive Research works with winer

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  • intercept-survey-market-research-06282018

    The What, How, and Why of Intercept Surveys | Firm in New York

    There are a lot of survey methodology choices in market research. This includes email surveys, text surveys, website pop-up surveys, phone surveys, mail surveys, and intercept surveys. Choosing the right methodology can prove difficult and often requires a market research firm to help you understand the pros and cons of each methodology. You'll want to consider things like timeline to execute, cost, and the best quality feedback. This can push you in one direction or another. Qualitative or qua

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