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  • Consider This Before Choosing a Market Research Company

    Consider This Before Choosing a Market Research Company | Market Research Video

    Just as there are countless methodologies to choose from in market research, the same can be said of marketing research companies. First, Drive Research would like to offer a slow clap for making the best and most important decision so far – choosing to conduct market research in the first place 👏…👏…👏. The tough choices are however just beginning. Who is the audience you are researching? What type of methodology or study is best fit for meeting your objectives? What should you look for in a

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  • case study - customer survey for a bank - green square with dollar sign

    Customer Survey for a Bank | Email and Phone Banking Survey

    Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone in cooperation with the agency of record for the financial institution. A feedback survey is an excellent Voice of Customer (VoC) tool to acquire measurements of satisfaction, drivers to loyalty, and how a bank can simply better serve its audience. Drive Research recently conducted a customer survey for a bank via email and phone. Learn more about the objectives, approach, and results from this study. Objec

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  • college-student-focus-group

    College Student Focus Groups | Higher Education Qualitative Recruiting

    As a higher education market research company, Drive Research has a lot of project experience with students at colleges and universities. Whether it is targeting college students for focus groups or a quantitative survey, our higher education market research firm can assist. Read more about a recently completed project for college student focus groups in Syracuse, NY. Qualitative Research Objectives A multicultural market research company in New York City hired Drive Research for a colleg

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  • competitive-rate-analysis-bank-credit-union-market-research

    Competitive Rate Analysis | Banks and Credit Unions

    Our bank and credit union market research company knows customers care about two things when it comes to choosing a financial institution. These two factors have been uncovered time and time again in past bank and credit union surveys. Customers care about: (1) convenience and (2) rates and fees. The first must-have is driven by proximity. Customers want to do business with a bank or credit union which is near their home or work. They want it to be convenient for them if they need to stop by i

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  • market-research-tips-benchmarks-video

    Market Research Tips 4 Benchmarks to Measure in Market Research | Market Research Video

    Your company earned a 64% customer satisfaction score. Is this a good score or a bad score? How does this 64% customer satisfaction score compare to peers and competitors? How does this score compare to your industry overall? Conducting market research of any kind is critical in moving your business forward. However, what good can it do if you don’t know how to measure or compare the results? There are 4 important benchmarks to measure in market research. This includes areas such as: Yourself

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  • Strategies-Grow-Customers-Bank-Credit-Union

    Strategies to Grow Customers at a Bank or Credit Union

    When it comes to banks and credit unions, there may not be a more competitive space. Most urban and suburban geographies across the United States offer an abundant amount of banks and credit unions for consumers and businesses to choose from for their banking needs. It is hard to drive a mile or 2 in some areas without seeing a handful of financial institutions. How does this impact marketing for a bank or credit union? It creates an incredibly competitive industry. It becomes extremely difficu

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  • When Is Market Research Necessary from Drive Research

    When Is Market Research Necessary?

    Always.While we are biased and really believe this, we also understand there are specific occasions or events which are more likely to warrant market research than others. Each scenario below details a very specific business problem or challenge and how market research can help address the issue. Let's get started!Asking yourself, "When is market research necessary?" In short, the answer is always. This article will help clarify the most common occasions when a business uses market research.

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  • personal-injury-lawyer-market-research-07032019

    Personal Injury Lawyer Market Survey | How Does It Work?

    There are several sectors who spend a lot of budget on marketing and advertising in local markets. These include auto dealerships, retail stores and restaurants, and banks and credit unions. Law firms and attorneys are no exception. It is critical for personal injury lawyers to be top-of-mind because consideration and choice of a personal injury lawyer are event-driven. When I get injured, who do I contact? Personal injury lawyers want to be at the top of this list and this is why lots of adver

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  • 4 Tips for an Intercept Survey

    4 Tips for an Intercept Survey | Market Research Video

    There may be no market research methodology better for obtaining in-the-moment feedback than an intercept survey. An intercept survey or an exit survey, is a type of research conducted offline, typically after some type of an event or action has taken place. This could be a moderator interviewing people immediately after they have attended a concert, made a purchase at a grocery store, ate at restaurant, traveled through an airport and so on. By speaking to an audience directly after an action

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  • email-customer-survey-market-research-crm-06242019

    How to Run an Email Customer Survey? | Email Customer Survey Company

    The most basic and popular form of market research is a customer survey or customer satisfaction survey. When reviewing all of the potential project and market research options available to your company, perhaps no other qualitative or quantitative option provides more value and ROI than an email customer survey. Think about all of the places you purchased from and items you’ve ordered online in the past month. For how many of those were you sent an email asking for some type of feedback? Wheth

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  • cities-focus-group-market-research-06172019

    What Cities Should I Conduct Focus Groups In? | Qualitative Market Research Firm

    Options. You are never short of them in market research. Quantitative or qualitative? Online surveys or intercept surveys? Phone surveys or mail surveys? Focus groups or executive interviews? Mystery shopping or shop-alongs? 400 responses or 1,000 responses? 15 questions or 30 questions? Topline report or full report? The list goes on and on. There is not necessarily always one right choice in market research. It is about collecting information, seeking guidance, and choosing the best path whic

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  • video-focus-group-market-research-06112019

    How Do Video Focus Groups Work? | Video Focus Groups Company

    When organizations think of market research, the two most common methodologies which likely come to mind are focus groups and surveys. Focus groups have long been a popular and commonly used methodology for new product development, testing of advertisements, and creating a dialogue with customers. Over the past two decades, surveys have evolved with time. Years ago the most common surveys were completed by phone and mail. Now, online surveys are by far the most popular methodology used in marke

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