Feasibility Studies

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    3 Components of a Senior Housing Feasibility Study

    Housing developers and financial lending institutions often partner with Drive Research on market research studies. Several of these studies center around assessing the feasibility of senior housing or senior market-rate apartments in a specific geographical area. The client is often interested in understanding: (1) demographic shifts in the target market area and changes in elderly populations impacting success of the concept, (2) competitive senior apartment offerings, rates, amenities, and o

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    What is a Feasibility Study?

    Feasibility studies come in all shapes and sizes. They can be completed for a new product, new service, new concept, or new location. In many cases it combines both primary and secondary data together to provide the sponsoring client answers. What is a Feasibility Study? A feasibility study is a type of market research which analyzes the success or failure of a new product, service, concept, or location. It uses several components of market research including both primary and secondary data to

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  • 6 Tips for Predictive Analytics | Feasibility Study Company Syracuse NY

    6 Tips for Predictive Analytics | Feasibility Study Company Syracuse, NY

    Predictive analytics is fun. No really, it is. The predictive part of analytics in research has always been of interest to me. It's like placing a bet or forecasting the stock market. Statistical modeling and algorithms are nothing new to market research but with the recent big data push and more attention from big money businesses being paid to analytics, this structured form of ROI-like decision-making is growing in the industry. Much of this is driven by the sheer amount of data at our finger

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    Feasibility Study Firm | Market Research

    A feasibility study is a market research project aimed to determine the likelihood of success of a product, service, concept, or business. A feasibility study is typically made up of many different components and methodologies including potential in-depth interviews (IDIs), demographic analysis or market analysis, competitive analysis, quantitative surveys, and a demand estimate or prediction. The predictive model is built using a step-by-step approach which often compares market potential versu

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