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  • group-effect-new-york-market-research-03142019

    What is Group Effect? | Focus Group Company New York

    Market research companies hate bias. We try to avoid it at all costs. Oftentimes when market researchers think of bias, the top examples that come to mind occur in surveys. Check out this post that covers 5 types of bias in market research. Safe to say, bias can occur in all types of market research studies (i.e., surveys, in-depth interviews, focus groups, mystery shopping, etc.) if the team is not careful. This post takes an inside look at group effect, which is a type of bias that effects f

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  • market-research-cost-savings-business-03042019

    How To Do Market Research | Cost Saving Tips for All Business Types

    After a quick google search on, "market research how to" I skimmed through a bunch on lengthy posts about the ins and outs of multi-faceted market research projects. Safe to say, there were major red flags in these posts. Most of these posts focused on image and awareness studies in particular. The posts talked about the difference between primary and secondary research, how to define a target audience, how to create customer/buyer personas, writing survey questions, and more. Honestly, it got

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  • market-research-focus-group-successful-02282019

    What Makes a Focus Group Project Successful? | 5 Focus Group Recruiting Tips

    Successfully recruiting for a focus group is the first step to executing a great project. A lot of effort goes into a successful focus group recruit. Some of these tasks are done behind the scenes by a focus group facility. Below is a list of 7 focus group recruiting tips to understand how to make a focus group project successful! Here's what you'll look like after a successful focus group project! Tip #1: Clearly define the screening criteria First things first, a focus group facility wil

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  • brand-positioning-study-market-research-02152019

    What is a Brand Positioning Study in Market Research?

    Wondering how to position a brand for success? Brand positioning research assesses several useful metrics such as brand awareness, perception, word associations, and more. Using data to fuel next steps with brand positioning strategy is powerful. Rather than making assumptions or continuing to do what has worked in the past, research allows marketing and advertising teams to better understand their market of interest. A brand positioning study is similar to an image and awareness (I&A) or bran

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  • market-research-checklist-programming-report-02112019

    Market Research Checklists | Online Survey Programming, Data Cleaning, and Reporting

    Organization is one of my strengths and I LOVE to check tasks off my to-do list. This is why I wanted to share several market research checklists! Market research checklists may be helpful to current professionals, those entering a career in market research, and those who want to learn more about the market research process. The following checklists can be used to review online survey programming, clean data gathered through fieldwork, and proof a market research report. Each of these checklis

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  • opinions-matter-market-research-02052019

    Stop Excluding Market Research Professionals | Do My Opinions Matter?

    I recently had the absolute JOY of participating in my first in-depth interview (IDI) with one of my favorite skincare brands. While I have conducted countless IDIs, this was my first time being the participant instead of the moderator. Being part of a market research team means I usually disqualify from participating in any type of market research. This includes surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping, etc. So I was left wondering, why don't all brands value my opinion? T

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  • visit-winery-market-research-01252019

    Increase Visits to Your Winery Through Market Research | 3 Options

    Wineries love market research! Common market research goals for wineries include better understanding target consumers and customers. This helps wineries create data-driven strategies to increase sales and winery visits. There are several objectives winery market research can address. Some typical market research objectives for wineries include gathering feedback from winery visitors, better understanding perception and satisfaction among target consumers, and gathering feedback from customers.

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  • case-study-conduct-score-01222019

    Case Study: How To Conduct A Net Promoter Score (NPS) Study

    Recently, Drive Research completed a Net Promoter Score (NPS) study. Similar to a Voice of Customer (VoC) research study, the objective of an NPS study is to gather data for your key performance indicators (KPIs). The ultimate goal of these NPS surveys is to gather the information needed to make data-driven decisions to guide future marketing and business strategies. NPS is a popular benchmarking statistic in market research. How is it calculated? Using a scale of 0 to 10 where "10" indicates

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  • market-research-interview-12172018

    Market Research Interview Recruit | 5 Tips for Your Next Project

    We've got tons of tip and tricks to make sure a research project is successful. When conducting research interviews, also known as in-depth interviews (IDIs), the recruitment is a crucial piece to make sure the project is successful. Having a stellar moderator is great, but researchers also need to recruit properly to ensure the team reaches the right audience and recruits fully participate in the research. It is important to share the exceptions of the research upfront and confirm interest wit

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  • health-insurance-member-market-research-12102018

    Case Study: Health Insurance Member Market Research

    Recently, Drive Research completed a qualitative market research study with a healthcare insurance company. The study consisted of focus groups and in-depth interviews (IDIs) with members of the healthcare insurance company who sponsored the research. Wondering how recruiting for focus groups and IDIs work? Wondering how market research projects with the healthcare industry work? Below is an overview of the objectives, approach, and outcomes of this market research project. We give you the ste

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  • market-research-dashboard-12032018

    How to Create a Market Research Dashboard?

    Dashboards are trending in market research. Market research dashboards provide a simplified summary of data. The goal of a market research dashboard is to present important data that is easy for the reader to understand. There are several tools available to create a market research dashboard. Common tools are PowerPoint, graphic design applications (i.e., InDesign, Canva, etc.), and services provided by survey software companies. Depending on the type of study and needs of the client, differe

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  • higher-education-market-research-11272018

    Higher Education Program Feasibility Market Research

    What makes a new program at a college or university successful? Doing market research first. Colleges and universities want to offer programs students are interested in, but these programs also need to provide opportunities for success. Wondering how colleges and universities know what students are interested in? Market research. Wondering how colleges and universities know if a program will create a successful career path? Market research. Below is an inside look at the three components of

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