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  • employee-survey-benefits-market-research-06192019

    5 Employee Survey Benefits | Market Research Video

    Although majorly underutilized, conducting annual employee surveys is a very effective tool in driving real change to an organization. It is easy to place a large value of your business on your customers and their opinions or usage of your company, brand, products, and services. However, by obtaining employee feedback through online surveys you are able to better understand your employee's needs so they can be better brand advocates and better performers. Watch as our employee survey company o

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  • case-study-employee-engagement-survey-06142019

    Case Study: Employee Engagement Survey for a Manufacturing Company

    Have you ever heard the saying, "if you don't appreciate your customers, someone else will." While this a great piece of advice, there is an audience you may be undervaluing that could lead to the decline in sales and office morale. Your employees! An employee engagement survey tests the level of passion, enthusiasm, and commitment an employee has to it's organization. If employees do not feel they are valued, they will not serve as company advocates to your customers. Worse, they might leave y

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  • Improve-brand-market-research-05302019

    How Market Research Can Improve Your Brand

    Competition in any industry is inevitable. How can a brand position itself as a leader among the masses? By listening to their customer with various market research methodologies. Many brands try to solve issues or questions without using data, which means teams base decision-making off of assumptions. Data is better than assumptions. A decision made off an assumption can be successful; brands do it everyday! The value of market research is being able to confirm and fine-tune assumptions to be

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  • set-meet-research-expectations-market-research-05212019

    How to Set and Meet Research Respondent Expectations

    The data a researcher collects is only as strong as the number of qualified respondents in a market research study. With the willingness to participate in market research becoming more challenging, it is critical for researchers to understand the importance of setting and meeting expectations for those who partake in a market research study. As a market research company specializing in a variety of services, we have seen the decline in attention spans and engagement among participants. How do w

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  • engage-market-research-participants-05132019

    How to Successfully Engage Market Research Participants

    Respondent engagement, while important, is a major obstacle researchers face when conducting market research. It refers to the presence and focus a participant has when answering survey, interview, or other research questions. It is critical respondents are able provide timely and accurate answers in order to collect quality data. When respondent engagement is low, it is an indicator of respondents not taking the study seriously. A few red flags of low respondent engagement to look out for are

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  • test-credibility-market-research-datat-05062019

    How to Test the Credibility of Market Research Data

    What value does market research bring to an organization if the data collected is not credible? Market research is conducted to provide valuable and action driven insights to move business and marketing strategies forward. How can you test the credibility of market research data? Here are a few tips to start: Tip #1: Identity the sponsor of the study Tip #2: Learn the background and methodology of the study Tip #3: Assess the questions asked in the study Tip #4: Ask questions about the data

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  • b2b-research-different-market-company-04302019

    Why B2B Research is Different | B2B Market Research Company

    Wondering how B2B market research is different from B2C market research? Let's first go back to basics and start with their definitions. B2B stands for business-to-business and B2C stands for business-to-consumer. There are several intricacies when reaching out to either audience. Typically, B2B market research requires a more strategic approach than B2C market research. For starters, specific types of professionals are often times more difficult to reach than most consumers. To reach the righ

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  • sensory-product-development-market-research-04252019

    Benefits of Sensory Testing in Product Development

    Organizations often depend on product development to stay competitive within their industry. A common market research methodology used in product development is sensory testing. I've got to admit, sensory testing sounds like some mythical market research approach. It's actually more straightforward than you might think! Wondering what sensory testing is? How sensory testing is used? Or, what the benefits of sensory testing are? You have come to the right market research blog! Utilize these be

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  • b2b=market-research-works-04172019

    How B2B Market Research Works

    Wondering the ins and outs of B2B market research? Drive Research to the rescue! Assumptions about B2B market research include: B2B audiences are more difficult to reach B2B market research is more expensive to conduct B2B audiences are more expensive to reach B2B market research is slower B2B market research is not necessarily more difficult to conduct than B2C market research. The approaches and methodologies used for B2B and B2C market research are typically different, but that does not

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  • online-fast-survey-case-studies-04082019

    How to Conduct Online Surveys Fast | Online Survey Example

    Conducting online surveys fast is a specialty of our team at Drive Research. Wondering what is considered fast for an online survey? Recently, our team completed an online survey for a mortgage loan company. The online survey collected over 1,000 completes within five days. Fieldwork also included time spent reviewing data quality. Data quality checks is an in-depth process when the researcher analyzes quality for all survey responses. Wondering how to assess data quality in an online survey?

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  • Home-product-testing-case-studies-04022019

    Home Product Testing | Finding quality and engaged recruits

    Drive Research, a home product testing market research company, recently completed another home appliance usage test. The home product test was conducted on behalf of a name brand home appliance company. The goal of the research was to better understand how the target audience used a brand new version of the home appliance. The study answered several questions including: How often users turned on the appliance How long the appliance was used for Feedback on the effectiveness of the applianc

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  • 4 Tips to Develop Your Next Infographic

    4 Tips to Develop Your Next Infographic | Market Research Advice

    An infographic is one of my favorite pieces of a market research report. To put it simply, a market research infographic is a graphical way to share highlights from a study without needing to share a lengthy report. For some teams, it's easier to disseminate market research results with an infographic because it shares all of the key information up front. Check out the St. Patrick's Day infographic our team created for a survey about the 2019 St. Patrick's Day Parade in Downtown Syracuse. In a

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