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    4 Reasons Why Your Website Needs an Intercept Survey | Website Survey Company

    Collecting data from current and potential customers may be easier than you think. That is, if you have the right tools! First up, what is a website intercept survey? Website intercept data is collected through online surveys. Survey questions can be tailored for any industry or type of customer and general user. Website intercept surveys can be short and include as few as 3 questions. Or, website intercept surveys can cover multiple objectives and include up to 20 questions. There are severa

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  • Reasons to Choose a Career in Marketing Research

    4 Reasons to Choose a Career in Marketing Research | Market Research Video

    I’ve always said, “If loving data and creative writing are wrong, I don’t want to be right.” Marketing research is a true passion of mine. I love creating effective research and providing my clients with actionable results. It is always astonishing to me to see what a well-constructed survey can do for all types of businesses. Even if you do not share the same passion as me, working in market research can be an amazing experience. With hundreds of methodologies to conduct and several different

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    6 Benefits of Continuous Performance Measurement and Tracking with Market Research

    Using market research to better understand performance, employees, sales, and customer satisfaction is great first step in driving the success of your organization. But...there is something even better! Continuously measuring and tracking performance is the best way to understand progress and change. A market research company is often asked to measure awareness, perception, satisfaction, as well as other metrics. Measuring these metrics once helps organizations understand its placement in the m

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    4 Tips for Focus Group Moderator Beginners | Focus Group Company

    I often say, the data from a market research study is only as strong as the questions asked. This sentiment can be equated to a focus group and the moderator of the group discussion. In other words, the success and insight gathered from qualitative research is dependent on who is interviewing or moderating the participants. Are you new to moderating focus groups or interested in becoming a focus group moderator?Everyone has to start somewhere! Drive Research, a market research company with a c

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  • What-Consumer-Expenditure-(CEX)-Survey-market-research

    What is a Consumer Expenditure (CEX) Survey? | CEX Company

    Tired of asking what a consumer expenditure survey (CEX) is? Drive Research, a CEX company, has the answer! In the following post, Drive Research will answer: What is a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? What are the benefits of a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? How is a consumer expenditure survey (CEX) used? What is an example of a consumer expenditure survey (CEX)? Drive Research, a CEX survey company, outlines the definition, benefits, and examples of conducting consumer expenditu

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  • focus-group-recruitment-hosting-facility-case-study

    Case Study: Focus Group Recruitment and Hosting Facility

    Our market research company in Syracuse, NY gets this question a lot, "Can Drive Research help recruit for a focus group?" We also get this question a lot, "Can I learn more about the Drive Research focus group facility?" Safe to say the answer to both questions are YES! Recently, a research company reached out to Drive Research to help recruit for a focus group project and use the our focus group facility. Learn more about this project and outcomes for this focus group study! Drive Resear

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  • Case-Study-Airport-Uses-Intercept-Surveys-Mobility-Analytics-Create-Customer-Personas

    Case Study: Airport Uses Intercept Surveys and Mobility Analytics to Create Customer Personas

    The airport and airline industry is faced with many unique challenges when it comes to marketing their location or service. Oftentimes, consumers choose which airport to use based on convenience and proximity to where they are traveling from or traveling to. Another key factor for travelers choosing an airline is the cost of airfare in comparison to other area airports. The caveat here is the cost of airfare is not controlled by the airport. With the cost of airfare out of their control, how do

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  • Customer-Confusion-Study-drive-research

    What is a Customer Confusion Study?

    Wondering what a customer confusion study is? Drive Research, market research company in New York, can help! The name customer confusion study sounds a little confusing, right? In the following post, we will answer (1) what a customer confusion study is, (2) what the benefits of a customer confusion study are, (3) how a customer confusion study is used, and (4) an example of a customer confusion study. Ready to learn about customer confusion studies? On your mark. Get set. Go! Due to

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  • In-Home-Tests-Explained-60-Seconds-Market-Research-Video

    In-Home Use Tests (IHUTs) Explained in 60-Seconds | Market Research Video

    In-home use tests (IHUTs) are an efficient and cost-effective market research methodology for testing a product before it is ready for a full-launch. No, products are not tested in a lab or a research facility, but tested by real people who match your target consumer criteria in their home environments. IHUTS provide brands with clear and accurate results and key recommendations for how to enhance your product offering. In turn, brands know exactly what to expect before releasing their new or e

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  • central new york wine survey results | wine glass and wine bottle

    10 Findings from the Central New York Wine Survey | CNY Wine Survey Results

    Summer is in full swing in Central New York. This means it's prime time to visit local wineries and (of course) drink wine! Wondering what Central New Yorkers say their favorite type of wine is? Or their favorite Finger Lakes winery? How much money are residents of CNY most likely to spend on one bottle of wine? Drive Research, a market research company in Syracuse, has data to answer these questions and more! Project Background Drive Research just wrapped up the 2019 CNY wine survey. The sur

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  • market-research-home-audit-test-07012019

    What is a Market Research Home Audit? | In-Home Usage Test (IHUT) Company

    What do your consumers look like? What other types of products are they purchasing? What style is best reflected inside their homes? What food is in their cupboards? What about their fridge? What types of technology are they using the most at home? To answer these questions in more, consider conducting home audit market research. It is a lot less creepy than it may sound, trust me. In this blog post, our home audit research company will define what a market research home audit study is, t

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  • case-study-credit-union-member-06252019

    Case Study: Credit Union Uses Market Research to Increase New Members

    A common challenge across all types of organizations is acquiring new business, while keeping existing customers happy and loyal. Specifically, banks and credit unions struggle maintaining steady business development because of the perceived notion of, "It's too much of a hassle to switch banks." A great way banks and credit unions can overcome this perception is by using market research to speak with non-customers or the general public. By partnering with a market research company who speciali

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