Free Download: 2019 Central New York Dealership Report

Insights from 1,000 residents in the Syracuse 7-county DMA

The report includes over 250 pages of data broken down by buyer categories and demographics.

It's the most comprehensive report offered for the Central New York market to help dealerships understand local consumer buying trends, marketing ROI, and community perception.

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The CNY Dealership Report Reveals…

  • The familiarity of dealerships
  • Perception of dealerships
  • Brand associations of dealerships
  • Likelihood to recommend dealerships
  • Drivers to satisfaction and dissatisfaction with dealerships
  • Top sources used when shopping for a new vehicle
  • Factors which matter most for the next vehicle purchase
  • Distance consumers are willing to travel to purchase

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Using this experience, our team has been able to help auto dealerships regain market share and understand just how far their advertising dollars can be stretched.

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