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    Which Customer Touchpoints Should a Business Gather Feedback for? | CX Firm

    So many people to survey so little time. So is the case with customer experience (CX) market research. CX teaches us that surveying and learning from customers is not about one single survey but rather a combination of surveys which total up to a full picture of a customer journey. The customer journey and CX is made up of a number of customer touchpoints. What is a Customer Touchpoint? A customer touchpoint is defined as any experience where your company interacts with a customer or pot

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    Member Experience (MX) Market Research for Credit Unions

    If you work at a credit union, I think you'll agree when you hear the term member experience (MX) research you're not exactly sure what's involved. It turns out there a number of different market research options that fall under the member experience (MX) umbrella at credit unions. In this post, Drive Research, a member experience market research company for credit unions will discuss 3 different options you can pursue as part of your MX program. Why does all of this matter? Credit unions

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    6 Customer Experience (CX) Trends to Drive Your Bank and Credit Union Strategy

    One of the industries which have been a particular focus of ours in market research is the financial sector. These marketing research projects with banks and credit unions include employee focus groups, B2C and B2B customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping, image and awareness surveys, CX channel research, and other ad-hoc projects. Several key themes have emerged which have stood the test of time. A few are more actionable than others, but all carry a significant impact on marketing and o

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    6 Customer Experience (CX) Trends to Watch Next Year

    With the New Year upon us, I wanted to take a few minutes to recap some customer experience (CX) trends to watch next year. CX, UX, and VoC is still an evolving profession stemming from the larger market research umbrella. As organizations learn the value, impact, and strategic implications of CX, it will undoubtedly grow in popularity and in investment. "No matter what your job entails, never lose sight of how the customer perceives your business and what the customer wants. CX needs to be ing

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