Customer Experience (CX)

What is CX?

CX aims to better understand customer journeys and the path to purchase by using multiple surveys and feedback tools at key customer touchpoints. The goal of CX is to learn about the entire experience and how customers interact with your brand across multiple channels.


How does CX work?

First, it's critical to identify the customer touchpoints which have the most impact on your key metrics. Don't worry, Drive Research can work with you to choose these. It's part of the research design to discover and prioritize key channels to focus on. 


To fully embrace the full CX, we'll want to create a survey for each of these touchpoints. Think of CX as all of your customer interactions composing a wheel, with each spoke being a touchpoint. The wheel is always moving. CX continually reviews performance of each spoke to build a better wheel.


Drive alerts you to critical issues in real-time providing you with an opportunity to act, which may have gone unnoticed otherwise.


Why CX with Drive Research?

Although CX can start with a single survey, Drive Research builds our programs for the long-term. CX is a journey.


Why is our customer experience company focused on long-term gains? CX with our team encourages steady learning and a constant evolution of strategy. Together we know more than we did yesterday about what makes your customers tick and tomorrow we'll know more than we did today.

In a digital world, your customers interact with your brand in many ways. Identify and prioritize which touchpoints have the most impact on your business through CX.

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