Customer Insights Analysis

Crm Analysis From Drive Research

Working With Our National Insights Analysis Company 

This market research service helps you understand more about your customers from the database of information you already have. 

The process is a simple one. You upload your customer database through a secure link. The file can be as simple as an Excel CSV. We then take your customer address information and append data from several industry sources to better profile and depth to your database.

The report is created in a PowerPoint and shared in a PDF. It also includes the next steps based on the data analysis in addition to recommendations for marketing.

Approach to Customer Insights Analysis

This service offers a lot of value to our clients because little to no work needs to be completed on your end to create a multitude of insights on your customers. Better understanding and being able to better target your audience leads to higher marketing ROI.

Marketing efforts can be restructured to target your audience more accurately than ever before because you have a much deeper view of who they are and how they act. When coupled with Voice of Customer (VoC) it creates a 360-degree view of your customer audience.

Our national customer insight analysis company works with partners to provide our clients with the ability to better profile their entire customer audience.

This includes appended data through first and third-party sources to add items like geographical breakdowns, age, income, education, children, homeownership, and even creates Personicx® clusters for your customers.

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