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    Content Marketing Research | Using Data for Brand Journalism

    Market research has long been viewed as an approach to objectively address customer satisfaction, the appeal of a new product concept, or to better understand brand equity to name a few. As a former colleague of mine once inferred: "If market research were a country, it would be Switzerland." It's the ultimate mediator. Data provides objective results which can be hard to argue with (even though some try.) However, an area where market research continues to evolve is how it can be leveraged for

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  • improve roi survey research tips

    Improve the ROI on Your Customer Survey With These 3 Questions

    The value of market research will be constantly scrutinized. Much like most marketing strategies in an age where there is no shortage of data to evaluate efforts. This is especially true among small businesses that have never dipped into the customer experience (CX) ocean. The premise of market research inherently makes sense: ask questions, receive answers, analyze feedback, make improvements. Yet, for a variety of reasons, some upper management teams believe their budget is better spent elsew

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  • ways marketing research can help sell advertising

    3 Ways Marketing Research Can Help Sell Advertising

    Data is a powerful tool. If used correctly, it's scientific, reliable, unbiased, and informative. On top of generic market research, primary research from consumers is even more influential. The most successful strategy a company can employ is one that which fully puts the customer at the center of business. In reality, it's very easy to say but is rarely practiced. Acting in the best interest of the customer build your ability to advise and not solely sell. The long-term payoff of this shift fr

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    Want to Increase the ROI of Your Research? Publish it as Content.

    Your company just published a major report. It took hours of preparation, research, analysis, writing, editing, and formatting. On the day it’s released, a few major media sources report on it—big win! And then…crickets. Your work deserves a longer life, and while major media coverage is important and exciting, what about all of the people that didn’t read that particular publication on that particular day? Big reports contain a lot of valuable first party data, and while most people aren’t li

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