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    The What, How, and Why of Research-Based Content?

    When one thinks of market research, they most likely think about more traditional market research projects. This might involve studies to: Examine customer satisfaction (CSAT) Explore KPIs such as awareness, image, and perception Discover the "why" behind specific customer behavior Understand new product development Market research was always thought of as anonymous, confidential, and proprietary. "Don't share the results." "Make sure the data says in-house." In the past, these were common

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    3 Ways to Use Surveys to Improve the ROI of Marketing

    Surveys are an excellent way to help a business understand return on investment (ROI). Whether it is marketing, advertising, or even market research, the value lies with the return. Organizations certainly have a budget but if the ROI is 2X or 3X advertising spend, spend can often increase. However, it's tricky to truly understand the ROI of all of your marketing efforts. Nowadays with digital marketing it's fairly easy to track impressions and clicks. Tying back this data through Google Analyt

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    Using Market Research to Improve Advertising Copy

    Advertising is defined as the activity or profession of producing advertisements for a product or service. Pretty simple definition, right? It is, but it fails to explain the point of advertising. What does advertising achieve? We all know that advertising plays a vital role in the marketing and sales process, and we also know advertising works. After all, we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we look on a daily basis. If advertising did not help a company to boost sales, why would th

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  • unlocking hidden values market research tips

    Unlocking 4 Hidden Values of Market Research

    What is the value of market research? The data. The findings. The strategic implications. The improvements on marketing. The insights. Likely all of the above right? But the value of market research extends far beyond just the immediate top-of-mind benefits. Some market research companies can work with your business or organization to maximize the value of your efforts. So beyond the data and findings, there are 4 hidden values in market research our team has identified. When these are added to

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    4 Ways Market Research Can Improve Your Advertising

    Market research and advertising go hand-in-hand. Really, they do. Market research is often a foundational piece of strategy for an organization. It helps align who to market to? What messages to market? Also, where or what channels to market through? The simple who, what, and where answers are worth their weight in gold in market research. If you're asking yourself what type of client could use market research, our answer would be anyone. However, there are a handful of types of clients, profil

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    Understanding the ROI of Market Research for Advertising

    One of the most common questions about market research is about the value and return on investment (ROI). At the end of the day, what am I going to get? What value does it bring? Is it worth the cost? Is it worth the investment? Do I need it? These are all asked (or at least thought about) by prospective users or buyers of market research. So how can one prove the ROI of market research? It is possible, to a degree, through careful measurement and before/after tracking. A Real Example of R

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    3 Ways to Use Market Research to Fuel Sales Strategies | Market Research Company

    Market research produces objective, unbiased, third-party data for clients. This feedback is often used to drive internal operations, marketing, and strategies. A large focus of market research outcomes and findings has always been inward. Confidential. It's a term that has gone hand-in-hand with market research. Reports that are created for clients go into lock boxes, safes, and other private folders. Market research has long been deemed as "for your eyes only". It's locked up and privy to the

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    Market Research for Public Relations, Marketing, and Content Strategy

    We all know Google rules the world at this point. Although Amazon appears to be gaining ground based on the news in recent weeks. Naturally, in a digital world where everything begins with search, Bing, Yahoo, others struggle to put a chink in Google's armor. Businesses all over the world want to rank high on search through SERP (search engine ranking pages). What your company offers online for public relations articles, marketing information, and content plays a major role in awareness, visibi

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  • using data for brand journalism content marketing research

    Content Marketing Research | Using Data for Brand Journalism

    Market research has long been viewed as an approach to objectively address customer satisfaction, the appeal of a new product concept, or to better understand brand equity to name a few. As a former colleague of mine once inferred: "If market research were a country, it would be Switzerland." It's the ultimate mediator. Data provides objective results which can be hard to argue with (even though some try.) However, an area where market research continues to evolve is how it can be leveraged for

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  • improve roi survey research tips

    Improve the ROI on Your Customer Survey With These 3 Questions

    The value of market research will be constantly scrutinized. Much like most marketing strategies in an age where there is no shortage of data to evaluate efforts. This is especially true among small businesses that have never dipped into the customer experience (CX) ocean. The premise of market research inherently makes sense: ask questions, receive answers, analyze feedback, make improvements. Yet, for a variety of reasons, some upper management teams believe their budget is better spent elsew

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  • ways marketing research can help sell advertising

    3 Ways Marketing Research Can Help Sell Advertising

    Data is a powerful tool. If used correctly, it's scientific, reliable, unbiased, and informative. On top of generic market research, primary research from consumers is even more influential. The most successful strategy a company can employ is one that which fully puts the customer at the center of business. In reality, it's very easy to say but is rarely practiced. Acting in the best interest of the customer build your ability to advise and not solely sell. The long-term payoff of this shift fr

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    Want to Increase the ROI of Your Research? Publish it as Content.

    Your company just published a major report. It took hours of preparation, research, analysis, writing, editing, and formatting. On the day it’s released, a few major media sources report on it—big win! And then…crickets. Your work deserves a longer life, and while major media coverage is important and exciting, what about all of the people that didn’t read that particular publication on that particular day? Big reports contain a lot of valuable first party data, and while most people aren’t li

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