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  • 3 Data-Driven Tips for Choosing Blog Topics

    3 Data-Driven Tips for Choosing Blog Topics

    Content marketing is important. I know, I know this is not the first time you have heard this. You are likely part of the 91% of B2B marketers using content marketing to reach customers or the 86% of B2C marketers who think content marketing is a key strategy. If you are not developing regular content such as blog posts, whitepapers, and reports – what are you waiting for? What is stopping you from getting started? What is stopping you from remaining consistent? “I don’t know what to write abo

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    4 Examples of Content Marketing Research in Action | Market Research Video

    Content is king. We know this and we live this at Drive Research (no, really...we publish new blog posts everyday). While the makeup of content marketing comes in various forms such as blog posts, whitepapers, reports, and so on there is one approach not many companies take. Content marketing research takes your content and marketing strategy to the next level. According to a study by Buzzsumo and Mantis Research, 9 out of 10 companies who do original research found it to be successful. 56% of

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    Case Study: Content Marketing Research for Financial Institution

    Now more than ever, it is important for any organization to have a content market strategy surrounding the creation of consistent, valuable content for target audiences. Over time, content marketing has transformed the way brands are doing business. While the importance and effectiveness of content marketing are clear, there are several challenges associated with content creation. This could be a lack of resources, unrealistic expectations, or maintaining consistent publishing schedules. In 20

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  • market-research-digital-marketing-01232019

    How Market Research Can Help Your Digital Marketing Strategy

    Market research goes hand-in-hand with digital marketing. Some of the best digital marketing and marketing strategy is based on sound market research. Conducting market research as a first step prior to a new campaign or prior to a new year of marketing strategies, pays huge dividends. There are reasons why many organizations plan and budget for market research prior to launching a new digital marketing strategy. Refining a campaign after it has started means you are already willing to accept w

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  • research-driven-content-marketing-01182019

    Examples of Research-Driven Content Marketing and Strategy

    Last week, I presented "Using Market Research to Drive Content Marketing" at a lunch and learn for a local advertising agency here in Syracuse. The topic of the presentation was to help the staff understand creative ways and new strategic ways to think about how market research can be used to fuel content marketing and content strategies for clients. Traditional market research is often viewed as stodgy, internal, and confidential. The results are often used to drive internal decisions, measur

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  • research-based-content-01112019

    The What, How, and Why of Research-Based Content?

    When one thinks of market research, they most likely think about more traditional market research projects. This might involve studies to: Examine customer satisfaction (CSAT) Explore KPIs such as awareness, image, and perception Discover the "why" behind specific customer behavior Understand new product development Market research was always thought of as anonymous, confidential, and proprietary. "Don't share the results." "Make sure the data says in-house." In the past, these were comm

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  • improve-roi-marketing-research-tips-01042019

    3 Ways to Use Surveys to Improve the ROI of Marketing

    Surveys are an excellent way to help a business understand return on investment (ROI). Whether it is marketing, advertising, or even market research, the value lies with the return. Organizations certainly have a budget but if the ROI is 2X or 3X advertising spend, spend can often increase. However, it's tricky to truly understand the ROI of all of your marketing efforts. Nowadays with digital marketing it's fairly easy to track impressions and clicks. Tying back this data through Google Analyt

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    Using Market Research to Improve Advertising Copy

    Advertising is defined as the activity or profession of producing advertisements for a product or service. Pretty simple definition, right? It is, but it fails to explain the point of advertising. What does advertising achieve? We all know that advertising plays a vital role in the marketing and sales process, and we also know advertising works. After all, we are bombarded with advertisements everywhere we look on a daily basis. If advertising did not help a company to boost sales, why would th

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  • unlocking hidden values market research tips

    Unlocking 4 Hidden Values of Market Research

    What is the value of market research? The data. The findings. The strategic implications. The improvements on marketing. The insights. Likely all of the above right? But the value of market research extends far beyond just the immediate top-of-mind benefits. Some market research companies can work with your business or organization to maximize the value of your efforts. So beyond the data and findings, there are 4 hidden values in market research our team has identified. When these are added to

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  • market-research-improve-advertising-03302018

    4 Ways Market Research Can Improve Your Advertising

    Market research and advertising go hand-in-hand. Really, they do. Market research is often a foundational piece of strategy for an organization. It helps align who to market to? What messages to market? Also, where or what channels to market through? The simple who, what, and where answers are worth their weight in gold in market research. If you're asking yourself what type of client could use market research, our answer would be anyone. However, there are a handful of types of clients, profil

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  • market research fuel sales tips

    3 Ways to Use Market Research to Fuel Sales Strategies

    Market research produces objective, unbiased, third-party data for clients. This feedback is often used to drive internal operations, marketing, and strategies. A large focus of market research outcomes and findings has always been inward. Confidential. It's a term that has gone hand-in-hand with market research. Reports that are created for clients go into lock boxes, safes, and other private folders. Market research has long been deemed as "for your eyes only". It's locked up and privy to the

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  • market research public relations marketing content strategy

    Market Research for Public Relations, Marketing, and Content Strategy

    We all know Google rules the world at this point. Although Amazon appears to be gaining ground based on the news in recent weeks. Naturally, in a digital world where everything begins with search, Bing, Yahoo, others struggle to put a chink in Google's armor. Businesses all over the world want to rank high on search through SERP (search engine ranking pages). What your company offers online for public relations articles, marketing information, and content plays a major role in awareness, visibi

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