Content Marketing Research

What is Content Marketing Research?

This service is also described as research-based content or research-driven content. The intent of content marketing research is to design a research study to utilize the data and insights for content purposes including blogs, website copy, infographics, whitepapers, press releases, industry reports, social shares, etc.


How does Content Marketing Research work?

Research-based content is completed through online surveys to your targeted audience (true for both B2B and B2C). Online surveys are cost-effective, timely, and collect high-quality data. Our team works with you to understand your objectives and translate those needs into fun, engaging, and powerful questions in the survey.


We use our targeted email lists and potentially paid social media to obtain responses. The final deliverable is a-la-carte and may include a detailed summary report, infographics, blog posts, or whitepapers our team can develop for you. The choices are up to you based on your priorities and your budget.


Why you should think about Content Marketing Research?

Content marketing research offers some of the best ROI of any marketing strategy because of the ability to repurpose the content in many forms. The data can be leveraged to build awareness of your brand, pitch your organization as a thought-leader through proprietary data, or be used to generate leads through downloads or whitepapers.


Interested in learning how content marketing research can help? Contact us.

Content marketing research offers a lot of ROI because of the ability to repurpose the findings in many forms and deliverables.

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