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  • Blog: Marketing Budget Planning for 2021: How to Prepare for the Unpredictable

    What Must-Have Items to Include in Your 2022 Marketing Budget

    When planning a marketing budget, there are the staple items most organizations include each year. Most marketers plan for costs associated with digital advertising, email marketing, website costs, etc. However, when creating your 2022 marketing budget it’s important to think outside of the box. Consumer trends evolve each year. Therefore, recreating the same marketing plan year after year can leave your business at a standstill. Instead, create a plan for change. Adding a component of mark

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  • Blog: What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    What's Stopping Syracuse Car Drivers from Buying Electric Vehicles?

    Across the globe, automakers everywhere are embracing the adoption of electric vehicles. But what about car buyers? Our national market research company based in Syracuse, New York posed this same question in a recent survey. Below we share survey findings where we compare opinions and preferences of Syracuse car drivers to a national audience. If you are interested in taking a closer look at nationally representative results, read Are Electric Vehicles the Future? Survey Reveals More Than Ha

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  • Bank and Credit Union Marketing in 2020: Tips, Ideas, & Techniques to Use Right Now

    Bank and Credit Union Marketing Tips & Ideas to Use Right Now

    The promise of returning to a pre-COVID world is becoming less likely by the day. Nearly every industry had to transform its business model to succeed in a digital world. Bank and credit unions were and are no exception. In fact, the financial sector is at the forefront of innovation, leaving permanent fingerprints on how they promote and deliver banking experiences for years to come. As a result, it's time to adapt bank and credit union marketing strategies to these new trends and techniqu

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  • Blog: Revenge Spending: 7 Statistics That Prove Changing Shopping Trends Among Consumers

    Revenge Spending: 7 Statistics That Prove Changing Shopping Trends Among Consumers

    With most state guidelines lifting mask mandates and COVID-19 restrictions, consumers are eager to get back to life before the pandemic. This of course includes shopping. Many Americans spent quarantine saving more money than ever before. However, now that quarantine is over many are choosing to use that money for something other than loungewear. Recently, the term “revenge spending” has been coined to define shoppers using money to make up for the lost time. Is revenge shopping real? Our m

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  • Blog:

    Brand Awareness Trackers: How to Measure Brand Recognition Over Time

    This blog post covers what brand awareness trackers are, what the objectives and approach might be, and the results you can expect to receive. Pop quiz! Do you know what percent of your target audience is aware of your brand, products, or services? It's okay, not many people do. After all, this metric can look like a stock’s value on Wall Street that constantly rises and falls for most brands. However, it’s still critical to measure the awareness of your brand- especially at regular interva

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  • Blog: Brand Health Tracker Surveys: How to Create a Baseline for Awareness and Interest

    Brand Health Tracker Surveys: Creating a Baseline for Awareness

    Building awareness for consumer products viewed as commodities can be a challenge. As a result, many businesses rely on brand health tracker surveys to accurately measure buyer awareness, perception, and likelihood to purchase. For example, fresh fruit has very few household brand names that your average consumer would be able to recall top-of-mind. If you’re trying to grow your brand in this space, what is your best option? You always have to start somewhere, so our market research compan

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  • Blog: Eye-Tracking Market Research: How to Execute a Successful Shelf Testing Study

    Eye-Tracking Market Research: How to Execute a Successful Shelf Testing Study

    Today, shelf testing studies used to test the appeal of packaging design in real-time (either virtually or in-person) to get customer’s opinions. As a result, more and more brands are leveraging eye-tracking market research. Why? The use of eye-tracking in conjunction with other biometric devices provides an objective measure of product packaging performance. In this blog post, our CPG market research company discusses how eye-tracking works, tips for designing a proper shelf test with eye-tr

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  • Blog: What are Market and Customer Profiling Surveys? | Market Research Company

    What are Market and Customer Profiling Surveys?

    When it comes to our customers, businesses are often left wondering about key aspects of their demographics, buying behaviors, pain points, and more. Can you confidently answer simple questions such as: Who are your customers? Who aren’t your customers? What makes your customers different from non-customers? If not, it is time your company conducts market and customer profiling surveys. Luckily, the name does a great job at describing what this type of survey is, but there is a lot more to

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  • Blog: The Long-term Impact of COVID-19: How Have Consumer Perceptions Changed

    Long-Term Impact of COVID-19: New Survey Shows How Perceptions Have Changed Since April

    As we approach the end of 2020, we are still living in what seems to be a never-ending pandemic. There is no doubt that consumer behavior has changed as a result of COVID-19, but our market research company wanted to better understand if consumer perceptions have changed for better or for worse since April. In April of 2020, Drive Research conducted an online survey about the COVID-19 pandemic. We measured how Coronavirus shifted consumer perceptions, attitudes, concerns, and purchasing beha

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  • Blog Image: How Many People Plan to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? New Survey Reveals 1 in 2 Americans

    How Many People Plan to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine? New Survey Reveals 1 in 2 Americans

    On December 14, 2020, Sandra Lindsay was the first to receive the COVID-19 vaccine outside a clinical trial. As the week went on more and more healthcare professionals across the country were vaccinated in hopes of stopping the spread. This begs the question, as the injection becomes readily available in the coming months, how many people plan to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Our market research company conducted a survey with over 1,000 United States residents to measure the level of concern w

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  • Blog: Consumer Research Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Consumer Surveys: Definition, Process, and Sample Questions

    Wondering what consumer surveys are? The truth is, this a broad term that can refer to testing a variety of topics such as: Unaided awareness Aided awareness Perception Price Purchase history In this blog post, our consumer research company will dive into the details of this methodology. We will review the definition, process, sample questions, and a case study for consumer research surveys. If you are looking to conduct a consumer survey with a market research company, Drive Research is rea

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  • influence-consumer-spending-market-research-09072018

    7 Psychological Strategies to Influence Consumer Spending

    Psychology is not typically top of mind when people think about marketing and advertising, but the truth is, successful marketing includes an essential psychological component. Market research involves systematically gathering data and then analyzing the data, with the objective of gaining knowledge about a company’s ideal customer and target market wants, needs, and preferences. In other words, it defines psychological strategies to influence consumer spending. Understanding persuasive strate

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