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  • 10 tips for video focus groups

    10 Tips for Video Focus Groups | Company in NY

    Focus groups are a great way to bring consumers together to share insights on product or service offerings. While many people are familiar with focus groups examples conducted in-person, they can also be conducted online. Video focus groups are becoming a popular way to conduct qualitative research discussions. In fact, there are several advantages to conducting focus groups online including: Increased accessibility to participants Lower costs Quicker turnaround times Tip 1: Leverage Fam

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  • 3 Reasons Every Company Should Have a Customer Experience Program in Place

    3 Reasons Every Company Should Have a Customer Experience Program in Place

    More and more companies are developing formal customer experience (CX) programs to help provide their organization with strategic insights they need to expand their book of business. Before we get into why your company should have a formal CX program in place, let’s quickly discuss the what. What is customer experience market research? CX research measures a customer’s journey through multiple touchpoints. It is more than measuring a single transaction or relationship. A customer experience p

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  • 4 Benefits of Location-Based Market Research Surveys

    4 Benefits of Location-Based Market Research Surveys

    Utilizing location-based data is a rising phenomenon in market research. Whether you’ve seen/heard the methodology being referred to as location-based research, geofencing surveys, or GPS exit surveys – the approach is the same. A location-based market research survey leverages geofencing technology to provide a feed of data from multiple sources such as Wi-Fi and GPS to target a specific audience. If a person steps inside the geofenced area, they are sent a push notification to fill out a ques

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  • 4 Advantages of Conducting a Mobile Ethnographic Study Video with Drive Research

    4 Advantages of Conducting a Mobile Ethnographic Study | Smartphone Research Firm

    Mobile ethnography or smartphone research allows organizations to study research participants in their most natural setting. There are several benefits of conducting mobile ethnography studies as it is a progressive and natural way to collect feedback from a target market. This type of methodology usually involves a smartphone research firm sending research participants directions on actions they are instructed to take and an interview guide that includes questions participants are required to

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  • 3 Tips for Product Development Research

    3 Tips for Product Development Research | Market Research Video

    Whether you are an organization looking to introduce a new concept to the market or a tenured business needing to improve upon an already existing product, product development research is the first step to a successful launch. Many organizations rely on this type of market research to gain a competitive edge within their industry through informed decisions based on market opportunity and customer insights. While concept testing is necessary, it is even more so important to make sure your time a

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  • benefits-focus-groups-market-research-video

    4 Benefits of Focus Groups | Market Research Video

    A qualitative type of market research, focus groups involve a small group of participants (usually no more than 12) discussing their thoughts, opinions, and needs of a particular brand, product, or service. The group discussion is led by a qualified, trained moderator to keep the conversation on track and moving along. A focus group is unlike most other marketing research methodologies. It offers many benefits and value to all types of businesses. Watch as our focus group company outlines 4 key

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  • critical-surveys-banks-credit-unions-market-research-07052019

    4 Critical Surveys for All Banks and Credit Unions | Market Research Video

    Many banks and credit unions across the country utilize market research data to greatly improve their business and marketing efforts. The findings from bank or credit union market research ultimately allows a financial institution to make better overall decisions regarding member experience. A bank or credit union looking to conduct market research has many, quality methodologies to choose from. Whether your financial institution is hoping to measure customer satisfaction, brand perception in t

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  • Mobile-ethnography-benefits-market-research

    What is Mobile Ethnography? | 6 Benefits

    In general, mobile ethnography provides valuable insights and can have several key advantages over other research methodologies. The flexibility of mobile research approaches combined with the above benefits creates a strong return on investment. What is Mobile Ethnography? Mobile ethnography is an innovative market research technique that combines traditional ethnography with mobile research. Ethnography in market research involves observing consumers in a natural environment, allowing you

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  • combat-decling-student-enrollment-business-tips-05072019

    New Ideas to Combat Declining College Student Enrollment

    Over the past few years, many colleges across the country have been struggling from the impact of declining student enrollment and it is only expected to get worse. A recent article on discussed the issue of shrinking enrollment at community colleges in New York. In this article, Community College administrators explained low student registration rates are the result of demographic shifts. Essentially, declining birthrates over the years have resulted in fewer amount of high school

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  • turf-analysis-media-product-research-07132018

    What is TURF Analysis? | Media and Product Research

    TURF analysis is a commonly used market research technique that helps organizations understand how to reach the greatest number of customers with a limited number of offerings. TURF stands for Total Unduplicated Reach and Frequency. TURF analysis is frequently used in product, media, and general consumer market research. In general, it’s not feasible for a business to offer every product, service, and feature that their customers want. Knowing this is a limitation, organizations need to careful

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  • survey-proofing-checklist-market-research-03292018

    5 Items To Include In Your Survey Proofing Checklist

    The most critical step of a market research project is the upfront work you do in designing a survey and preparing it for data collection. The old adage “garbage in, garbage out” is highly relevant, as it demonstrates the relationship between the quality of a survey instrument with the insights generated from the survey. After you’ve put careful consideration into each question you plan to ask, the next step is to program the script into your survey software and prepare it for data collection.

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  • product-development-market-research-02012018

    Market Research For New Product Development

    Organizations often depend on new product development to stay competitive within an industry. While the process can be challenging, and oftentimes lengthy, new products and services allow organizations to grow and further expand their market reach. In order to ensure the time and cost invested in new product development doesn’t go to waste, it is essential organizations make informed decisions based on actual market opportunity and customer insights. Market research provides project teams wit

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