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At Drive Research we believe in data-driven decision making and using research to uncover important data points. It can be difficult to make sense of how effective advertising decisions are without any data. That’s why as an advertising effectiveness company, we help businesses make more measured and accurate decisions with detailed data and insights on their advertising.

Our market research company has 80+ years of combined experience designing studies, fielding projects, executing and managing data collection, and sharing our expert recommendations based on primary results that lead to advertising insights.

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Full-Service Advertising Effectiveness Research Capabilities

When it comes to measuring advertising effectiveness with market research, there’s no shortage of tools and DIY platforms on the market, but in order to get a look at all relevant data with no holes or shortcomings, you’ll need a complete and professional approach. That’s why a third-party service is both powerful and popular. You’ll earn a non-biased, complete look at the data you need to make truly informed decisions about your advertising.

Here are some of the things you’ll receive when working with us at Drive Research.


End-to-End Project Management

Collecting quality and accurate data requires more than a standard approach or an online tool. A lot of the time, you may end up with only a piece of the full picture when it comes to research results captured on your own or by an internal team. We offer a full-scale, full-service approach when collecting data to make sure your results are as accurate and relevant as possible.

While conducting advertising effectiveness research, our team considers a combination of factors:

  • How long a campaign ran, flighting, and scheduling
  • Historical and competitive ad spend
  • Audience targeting and organic reach
  • Competitive activity
  • Creative strategy 
  • Conversion metrics and goals
  • Sales data

All of these may be relevant considerations to your advertising effectiveness depending on your marketing and advertising goals. We’ll work with you to customize your project and our approach to measuring your campaigns.


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 Custom-Designed Studies

If you know what your goals are, but are unsure how to capture data and metrics related to them, we can help plan, design, and execute the proper study.

Utilizing various data collection methods (campaign evaluation surveys, phone interviews, focus groups, etc.) our research team collaborates with you to generate full advertising insights. In turn, this allows you to make decisions backed by primary data instead of a simple trends analysis or publically available industry information.


Sampling and Recruiting

With every advertising effectiveness study, our team ensures that the data collected accurately reflects the target audience, enhancing the validity and generalizability of the findings.

We employ meticulous recruitment practices to safeguard against selection bias, ensuring that the study's results can be applied to your unique target audience accurately. 

Drive Research sources respondents and research participants through: 

  • Proprietary customer email lists
  • Tried and tested panel vendors
  • In-house market research panel
  • Social media advertisements 

If you have an audience to reach, Drive Research can find them.



Recommendations and Actionable Insights

An advertising effectiveness study with Drive Research includes more than just an export of data and numbers. 

Drive Research offers clients various reporting packages from topline summaries to comprehensive presentations. Many of our reports include a question-by-question analysis, key takeaways, and data visualizations.

You will walk away with actionable recommendations from the data we collect to accelerate your marketing and advertising strategy.  


Conduct third-party advertising effectiveness research and earn quality, actionable data

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See Why Businesses Love Working with Drive Research

The portfolio of clients at our market research agency includes various types of B2B and B2C organizations across the world. We bring a level of importance to your project that we would bring to our own business. It is important to our team to manage both client and respondent expectations. It’s how we’ve earned a nearly perfect 5-star Google rating from both parties.

Frequently Asked Questions About Advertising Effectiveness

What is the advertising effectiveness of a company?

Advertising effectiveness is a market research method used to determine the success of a company's marketing efforts. It enables companies to measure the effectiveness and ROI of specific advertising campaigns so the company can make decisions based on data and metrics.

What are examples of advertising effectiveness?

Advertising effectiveness is the practice in marketing that measures the impact of an advertising campaign relative to its goals. For example, if an ad is intended to increase brand awareness, measuring awareness before and after the campaign window will show any impact the advertising may have had.

Furthermore, if a set of ads were designed to convert a certain audience segment, measuring the ad recall and relevance of the campaign among multiple audience segments will show how the campaign over or under-indexed against advertising goals.

How can companies check advertising effectiveness?

Using surveys is often viewed as the best method. Gathering survey data gives insights into an advertising campaign and how much an audience remembers and feels about it. When you survey your target audience about your advertising, you can ask precise questions that capture more in-depth insights beyond impressions, page views, and hypothetical conversions.

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