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  • what 140 characters can teach us in market research

    What 140 Characters Can Teach us in Market Research

    In your daily routine at the office (e.g., typing emails, speaking to clients over the phone, talking with colleagues while grabbing a morning coffee), I bet your dialogue lasts longer than 140 characters. If it doesn't you are either extremely shy, unsociable, or bitter. I'm not talking about the coffee. Enter the arena of Twitter however, and everything you say needs to be short and quick. However, "The Land of 140 Characters" can teach us a few lessons in market research and in business in ge

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  • what is self selection bias in market research online surveys

    What is Self-Selection Bias in Market Research? | Online Surveys

    Self-selection bias is a common type of bias in market research. Self-selection bias in market research is a type of non-sampling error in which the respondents who complete a survey are demographically or behaviorally different than the intended sample. This type of sampling bias has become more of an issue in recent years due to the popularity of social media and river sampling (all-in) methodologies to recruit as many people as possible to participate in market research studies. River sample

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  • What is Satisficing in Market Research | Online Survey Company

    What is Satisficing in Market Research? | Online Survey Company

    With the emergence of online and mobile surveys particularly through market research panels, online data quality has become a chief concern for market researchers. Respondents are time-poor and should they choose to participate in surveys, they want to the research to be easy and fast. However, there is such a thing as surveys being completed too fast. What is survey satisficing? Survey satisficing is when the survey respondent takes short-cuts to complete a survey faster, knowingly clicki

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  • tips to make your online survey more mobile friendly

    4 Tips to Make Your Online Survey More Mobile-Friendly

    If you're not designing your survey with a mobile-first mentality, your market research will suffer. According to SimilarWeb's State of Mobile Web US 2015 report, roughly 56% of consumer traffic to the leading U.S. websites is now from mobile devices. According to Greenbook, if the current trend continues, mobile surveys will exceed PC conversions in 2016. This will further disrupt the industry and research designs which are not mobile-friendly.‚Äč This is especially true in B2C market research s

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  • how to eliminate sequence bias

    How to Eliminate Sequence Bias in Your Market Research Survey

    Stare at any market research survey long enough, and you'll be able to poke holes. All market research methodologies incur some type of bias whether it's response bias, sample bias, or sequence bias. It is nearly impossible to create a controlled environment which produces fully authentic results. It is the job of your market research consultant to choose the best methodology to eliminate as much bias as possible, and construct a research instrument which mitigates potential response bias.

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  • benefits to pretesting your online survey

    10 Benefits to Pretesting Your Online Survey

    Those who work in market research know time is of the essence as managers and clients are continually pushing projects to be completed as soon as possible. At times your project workload may not seem like a list of high priority to low priority but rather a list of high priority to medium-high priority. However, when it comes to market research and the always moving tasks, nothing may be more important than pre-testing your online survey. You may have spent weeks designing and constructing your

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  • tips to help you write a better survey

    5 Tips to Help You Write a Better Survey

    There are many factors you need to consider when writing an online survey, phone survey, or mail survey. Working with an experienced market research firm can alleviate your concerns and difficulties when writing a survey. If you are going to spend the time and money on commissioning a survey, you'll want to ensure the script is comprehensive, unbiased, engaging, and accurate. If you miss any of these, your survey may produce misleading results. Here are 5 tips a market research survey compa

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  • how routing and piping surveys improves ux

    How Routing and Piping in Surveys Improves UX

    One of the core benefits to using an experienced market research company to manage your study is the ability to apply routing, logic, branching and piping to your survey. Applying simple skip patterns to a survey will limit a survey respondents' frustration, help them flow through the survey quicker, and obtain higher levels of engagement. Without adding proper routing to your survey, you stand the risk of respondents straightlining or dropping out of surveys, which will significantly diminish y

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  • should you use a progress bar online survey firm syracuse

    Should You Use a Progress Bar? | Online Survey Firm Syracuse

    A standard item you see on most online survey platforms is the progress bar. It typically sits in one of the corners of the survey and informs you (as the respondent) where you stand in-between the start and the finish line. Programmers and survey writers alike accept these progress bars as standard for online surveys assuming they help participation rates by being transparent with the respondent to virtually say "you are 70% complete". However, are progress bars in online surveys more harmful

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  • what is dropout rate in surveys

    What is Dropout Rate in Surveys? | Online Survey Company Syracuse

    A dropout rate in surveys is the percentage of respondents who do not complete a survey due to the length, lack of interest, technical difficulties, or poor design. The dropout rate does not include respondents who disqualify or because the quota(s) has been reached. The dropout rate specifically references those respondents who leave a survey. This could be 1%, 5%, 10% or 20%. Learn more about dropout rates from our Syracuse online survey company in the blog post below! Dropout rates can v

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  • the mece principal

    The MECE Principle | Online Survey Company

    My first and most valuable lesson I learned about market research and writing surveys was the "MECE principle." I first learned about it my sophomore year of college (about 15 years ago) sitting in my Principles of Marketing class. We were well-into our chapter on market research and we started discussing proper survey writing. What is MECE in market research? MECE stands for Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive. Mutually exclusive ensures that all survey response options offered in a

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  • survey writing tips drive research

    3 Survey Writing Tips | Market Research Company Syracuse NY

    Surveys are the most common and well-known form of quantitative research. Many of you reading this have likely written a survey or participated in a countless number surveys in your past. In order to obtain accurate, unbiased, and representative results, survey writers need to ensure they carefully script their questionnaire and address the right sample of participants. Survey design is a science and professionals in the industry like Drive Research will analyze a number of variables to deliver

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