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  • online survey response scare market research firms

    4 Types of Online Survey Respondents That Scare the $&#@ Out of Market Research Firms

    Quality is everything. I'll say it again, just in case you missed it and for extra emphasis... quality data is everything in market research. See the bolding there? No business or organization wants to base important strategic decisions on bad data. Poor quality data comes in many forms. Those methodologies with more face-to-face and person-to-person fieldwork helps control data quality. However, it's hard to argue with the benefits of online research these days and with great power, comes grea

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  • online market research panel

    8 Steps to Using an Online Market Research Panel

    One of the most exciting moments for a market research professional is when the survey you took so much time to craft and perfect is ready to hit the field! Often times, fieldwork for online surveys can incorporate multiple methods like using the Drive Research panel, online outreach, and other panel sources to achieve the goal number of completes. The set up involved when using an online panel can be tricky. In this post, we'll discuss the steps involved to take your online survey from word do

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  • science survey writing market research

    The Science Behind Survey Writing | 5 Tips to Help You With Your Next Survey

    By this point, I'm sure you've seen the quote circulating social media about using an amateur and not a professional. It's something along the lines of "if you think using a professional is too expensive, wait until you hire an amateur." It shows 2 pictures side-by-side of a tattoo artist inking a tattoo on to someone's back. One is a picture of a unicorn that looks like it is drawn by a student in Ms. Miller's 1st grade class. The other is much more extravagant and detailed by the true artist.

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  • qualify check data file market research tips

    4 Basic Tips to Quality Check a Data File in Market Research

    Data, data everywhere. Life in market research surrounds you with data. Those who manage survey projects know the launch of a survey is only the beginning of the process. Once the data starts rolling in your work has only just begun. The best market research firms spend a lot of their time quality-checking and proofing data files in market research. They scrub the data daily. The examine each and every data point. They torture the data to a point where it is 100% error-free. Here are 4 basic t

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  • market researchers heres how to make your surveys device agnostic

    Market Researchers: Here's How to Make Your Surveys Device Agnostic

    Are you reading this on your mobile device? Or perhaps you're reading this on your Apple iPad as you're watching Game of Thrones on a Sunday night. You're not alone. Usage of mobile devices has grown incredibly over the past decade and when it comes to survey taking, it's the same story. In a prior blog, we wrote about the 4 reasons behind the growth in mobile research. This pointed to more surveys being taken on mobile phones than any other device. More than desktop, more than laptop, more tha

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  • reasons to conside facebook online surveys market research

    5 Reasons to Consider Facebook for Online Surveys

    Digital marketing on Facebook (particularly mobile) has grown leaps and bounds over the past few years. It was reported in Q1 that Facebook mobile accounted for 86% of its quarterly advertising revenue. Advertising agencies and digital marketing companies have realized the tremendous value offered by the platform for clients. The benefits include increased brand awareness, engagement, and even conversions for many advertisers. These conversions include website visits, form fills, and even purc

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  • impacts survey response rates market research

    What Impacts Survey Response Rates? | A Closer Look

    In the most recent addition of Quirk's magazine, I came across an article that discussed the impact of various variables on survey response rates. This article was written by Lori Dockery from Vernon Research Group. The article summarizes a study put in place to understand the impacts of several variables on the likelihood of respondents to complete a survey. Working in market research for 12+ years, this has always been a hot button topic among our colleagues and clients. It's a constant top-o

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  • tips for online surveys reasons market research

    44 Quick Tips for Online Surveys (And Yes We Chose 44 For a Reason)

    Is there a reason why online surveys have exploded into the most popular market research methodology over the past decade? Yes, actually there are a few. One reason is because they are cost effective when compared to phone surveys (caller time) and mail surveys (printing, postage, and data entry). On top of that, they are also quick. Fieldwork can be completed in as little as 24 hours compared to weeks or months for a phone or mail survey. Several other advancements have been made with online

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  • online survey market research terms piping branching quotas

    Online Survey Glossary of Terms | Piping, Branching, Quotas and More

    If you are launching an online survey for the first time, it's not hard to be easily overwhelmed by the terminology used by your market research company or the survey software. When you are sending an online survey to your customers, the last thing you want is a major mishap or mistake which could harm your brand. So although the Voice of Customer (VoC) effort was a smart move, because of those issues it creates more problems than it solves. Issues with online survey invites or reminders make a

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  • issues online survey market research tips

    4 Common Issues When Launching Online Surveys (And How to Prevent Them)

    Like me, I’m sure you have seen the good, bad, and ugly when it comes to online surveys. We live in a world where brands love to collect customer feedback after an interaction, whether it’s on a receipt, after a call, or sent via email. Surveys can be really fun to take while others can be a complete drag, which can happen for a variety of reasons (note the foreshadowing here). At Drive Research, we love creating surveys that people enjoy taking. In my experience, a higher data quality comes fr

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  • banks credit unions market research tips

    New Account Opening Surveys at Banks and Credit Unions

    As a financial institution, when you bring on a new account customer it is crucial to understand how the experience went. The first experience when opening a new account will likely set the tone for the entire banking relationship with your institution. You only get once chance to make a good first impression and with financial institutions, it is no different. What Constitutes as a New Account Opening Survey? Most financial institutions relate a new account to any new opening of a deposit o

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  • value data market research utica

    4 Ways to Add Value to Open-Ended Questions from Surveys | Market Research Utica

    The value of open-ended questions is to get unaided and unbiased responses straight from the mind of the respondent. If I ask, “What is the first word or phrase that comes to mind when seeing or hearing Drive Research?” and you respond with, “Awesome service, passionate staff!” This tells me a lot of information in just a few words and you don't have to be a Research Analyst to know that. The depth of this response is far greater than if they were to select a radio button that reads as "Customer

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