Voice of Customer | Gain Valuable Data with Consumer Feedback

Consumers are more demanding than ever. To best meet customer expectations, organizations are increasingly investing in Voice of Customer (VoC) services to find the answers to key business questions.

  • Why do your customers need you?
  • What can you help your customers with?
  • What are your customers interests?

Your customers are who can provide the best insight to these questions. Don’t rest on your laurels or assume you already have all the answers. VoC is the first step in initiating company-wide efforts to deliver exceptional customer experience.

If anything, the simple act of reaching out to obtain customer feedback carries value in itself and your organization.

Understanding the what, why and how to best listen to your customers allows organizations to best serve the needs of their target demographic.

What is the definition of Voice of Customer?

This isn’t a trick question. VoC is exactly what is sounds like, listening to the voice of your customers. VoC is used in several methods of market research to capture the expectations and experience of customers regarding your products or services.

At its core, VoC is about giving your customers a voice to guide your strategy through data. In other words, by using the data provided by a VoC company, you are able to effectively prioritize organizational improvements and better serve your customer base.

Why Does Voice of Customer Work?

Steve Jobs said it best. “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves.” Imagine having a solution to a problem before your customer’s realize there is one?

By having frequent, open conversations with your customers through VoC programs you’re able to predict the needs and wants of the market before they happen.

VoC techniques also help you:

  • Examine new concepts, products, and solutions
  • Connect and engage with customers at all stages of their buying journey
  • Detect early warning signs of unhappy customers before they switch to a competing brand

Not all VoC programs are done correctly. Watch out for these 8 Common Voice of Customer Mistakes.

How can VoC impact business?

The essential data and insight collected from VoC can be administered through a number of different marketing research methodologies such as online surveys, focus groups and phone interviews.

Make sure you are asking the right questions and choosing the right market research programs, with the help of the right people. Consider partnering with a VoC company who is certified in VoC surveys and customer experience to offer piece of mind.

A VoC company will determine what methodology is right for you by creating a custom research plan from start to finish.

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