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Your business has decided to run a Voice of Customer (VoC) program. Your organization as next decided to create an online survey for your VoC program. To best reach your customers and non-customers, your organization feels it is most beneficial to include the link to the online survey in an email. You hit send on the email and it is received by your entire contact list. This may include customers, potential customers, and the general public.

Online survey responses start flooding in. However, as you start to look at the results you notice the feedback you've collected is not helpful or answering the main objective you've set forth when creating a VoC survey. Why is this?

This is likely because the type of questions you are asking in the VoC survey do not align with the goals of the study. Perhaps the way in which you are phrasing the questions are confusing to respondents. Maybe, the VoC survey includes too many questions, or not enough.

Watch this short video, as our national VoC research company covers 3 questions you need to be asking your target audience for the best results.

A Voice of Customer (VoC) program is only as strong as the number and style of questions being asked. Our national VoC research company explains 3 questions you must include.

Voice of Customer Question #1: What word of phrase comes to mind?

A critical question to include when conducting VoC research revolves around the image, awareness, and perception of your company. This could be phrased such as:

  • What word or phrase comes to mind when you see or hear [INSERT COMPANY, BRAND, PRODUCT, OR SERVICE]?
  • What company comes to mind first when you think of [INSERT COMPANY, BRAND, PRODUCT OR SERVICE]?
  • Where have you seen or heard information about [INSERT COMPANY OR BRAND] in the past 3 months?

This is style of question allows an organization to understand what is most top of mind among respondents, when they hear the name of their company. By asking this, your business is able to better measure brand awareness and perception in the eyes of your current customers, potential customers, and the general public.

Voice of Customer Question #2: What factors matter most?

The second question to include in your VoC program is, "What factors matter most when selecting a company for [INSERT SERVICE]?" This will give your organization insight into the decision making process directly from the mouths of your target audience.

The feedback from this question should guide the marketing strategy of your brand or organization. For example, the most popular factors mentioned by the respondents of a VoC survey conducted by a clothing store are: quality of clothing, easy online purchases, and reviews.

If the clothing company meets these standards, the retail store should highlight these important factors in their marketing efforts, whether it be on the website, on social media, an email campaign, etc. If not, this feedback now serves as identifying areas of improvement for the clothing store.

Voice of Customer Question #3: What improvements can be made?

Speaking of improvements! No organization loves to receive negative feedback from customers or the general public. However, when conducting VoC research or any other type of market research for that matter, negative feedback is more important to evaluate than positive feedback.

Why not directly ask this, in your VoC survey? Simply include a question that asks, "What do you want improved about [INSERT COMPANY, BRAND, PRODUCT]?"

This question allows for direct, honest feedback regarding major improvement areas to fix for your organization. Realistically, not all improvements can be made instantaneously. Create a business plan to rectify the most commonly mentioned improvements first.

Make sure to update your customers and non-customers once these changes have been made. This will show your company takes customer feedback seriously and will make any necessary improvements to best meet their needs and expectations.

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