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  • mystery-shopping-market-research-06272018

    5 Insights from a Mystery Shopping Company

    Among all of the different types of methodologies our market research company offers, mystery shopping might get the most questions. What is it? How does it work? How do I sign up? Well, signing up is probably the most simple task. Join our panel here. As mystery shopping projects come along in your area, we'll email or call you. The other questions are a bit more challenging because the methodology is very flexible. That is one of the major benefits of pursuing a project with a mystery shoppin

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  • Schedule-research-interviews-06262018

    4 Tips to Schedule Research Interviews | Market Research Company

    Drive Research is a market research company who manages qualitative projects including research interviews. Scheduling and conducting in-depth interviews (IDIs) is no easy task. Many clients hire market research companies simply to assist with both recruitment and scheduling of interviews because of the time commitment. Qualitative research interviews can provide a lot of value to a client. Here is an overview of the process of how market research interviews work: 1) Proposal 2) Kickoff 3) W

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  • Market-research-executive-summary-06252018

    What is Included in a Market Research Executive Summary?

    No good market research study is complete without a report. Not all reports have to be 100 to 200 page PowerPoint documents. It seems like management is more stretched than ever before when it comes to time, so reading a long report could prove very burdensome. This has resulted in the growth of more digestible reports such as executive summaries, toplines, infographics, and bullet point takeaways. In this post, we'll discuss key pieces of an executive summary in a market research report. Altho

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  • Ask-bank-credit-union-ny-market-research-tips-06202018

    5 Questions You Should Be Asking in Your Bank or Credit Union Survey | Firm in NY

    So many questions, so little time. Little time both for your financial institution to craft a survey but also little time for your customers or members to answer too many questions. Narrowing the scope of your customer satisfaction or just general customer survey is essential. No one wants to answer a 100-question survey. Respondents do not have the time for this. At our bank and credit union survey firm we find customers are willing to offer feedback as long as the process is quick and painles

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  • differences-qualitative-market-research-06192018

    Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Market Research

    Market research comes in many shapes and sizes. This includes qualitative and quantitative research. There is a difference between these two approaches in the industry. Ultimately, the direction you choose should be guided by your objectives and goals. Each type offers its own unique pros and cons. It often helps to receive advice from a professional market research company when scoping out your project. Qualitative and quantitative market research are two very different approaches. Qualitat

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  • what is collectively exhaustive in market research

    What is Collectively Exhaustive in Market Research? | 101 Glossary

    Survey writing is a science. In order to eliminate bias and obtain accurate results for your market research study, you want to ensure the questions are worded properly. Poorly written surveys can create a disaster when it comes to interpreting the data and taking action with the results. One of the most commonly used terms in survey writing is what is called collectively exhaustive. In this post I will go into greater detail on its meaning and some examples. Drive Research uses the term col

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  • Survey-questions-non-customer-market-research-06152018

    Survey Questions to Ask Non-Customers | Market Research Firm

    We are all familiar with questions to ask your customers, but what about non-customers? If you want to conduct a survey with the market as a whole there are likely questions you want to ask specific to and separate from what you would ask your own. Non-customer surveys help an organization grow by tapping into new audiences. Many clients we talk to state they know everything they need to know with their customers. This can be true and verified with a customer survey. However, they are likely to

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  • how-quickly-market-research-completed-06142018

    How Quickly Can Market Research Be Completed?

    One of the most common questions organizations have about market research and surveys is how quickly can market research be completed? Whether it is a survey, focus group, or in-home usage test (IHUT) it all comes down to timing. Market research is often thought of as a long, drawn-out process that takes weeks, months, or years to complete if the study is large enough. Here at Drive Research, we can tell you that is not always the case. Market research can be fast. Insights can be lightning qui

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  • case-study-new-jersey-focus-recruitment-06132018

    Case Study: New Jersey Focus Groups Recruitment

    Drive Research works with a number of clients across the country to assist with qualitative market research recruitment, including areas like New Jersey (NJ). We work with organizations to define recruitment goals, set up quotas, design recruitment screeners, program screeners, and manage recruitment. Drive Research recently completed a focus group recruitment project with soon-to-be and current retirees in Newark, NJ. There is nothing funny about our ability to recruit quality participants and

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  • Recruitment-firm-user-market-research-06122018

    Recruitment Firm for User Experience (UX) Market Research

    Using real participants to test a website or software can offer a lot of value to an organization. As a designer we all have our own opinions on what looks good and what paths we expect users to take on a site. However, as we always talk about: Better is the opinion of the buyer or user of a product, not the seller or designer. Here is an example of how Drive Research can help your organization recruit participants for your next user experience (UX) project. This is an outline of a potential st

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  • case-study-feedback-motor-vehicle-06062018

    Case Study: Website User Feedback a Motor Vehicles Website

    Website intercept surveys do an excellent job at collecting feedback from site users in-the-moment. This data and feedback can be an invaluable piece to assist with user journeys, paths, points of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and provide context for bounces. The website surveys can be set up in a variety of ways. Here are 3 options to conduct user feedback surveys on websites. This case study outlines a recent pilot study. It involved both a site survey and employee survey. Each of the 2

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  • start-customer-satisfaction-survey-market-research-06052018

    4 Steps to Get Started With a Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSAT)

    Of all of the different types of market research projects an organization can pursue, a customer satisfaction survey (CSAT survey) is likely the most widely used. Why? The process is simple and informative. Doesn't every organization want to know how they are performing? What do customers or users think about their product or service? Hopefully the answer is yes. The results from a customer satisfaction survey are used to drive improvements and measure performance. CSAT studies typically involv

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