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  • case-study-higher-education-admissions-market-research-09252018

    Case Study: Higher Education Admissions Market Research

    We promote ultimate flexibility at our full service market research firm. For some clients we manage the entire market research project. This includes design, fieldwork, and reporting. While some other clients come to us for specific needs like only reporting or only recruitment. Here is an example of a client in California hiring our New York based market research firm to recruit for qualitative in-depth interviews (IDIs) for their higher education client. This research was being conducted for

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  • manage-intercept-survey-market-research-09122018

    5 Quick Tips to Manage an Intercept Survey Team | Firm in New York

    Managing a successful intercept survey project takes practice. Luckily for you, our intercept survey company has tips to help make your next intercept survey project a success! Wondering why choose to do an intercept survey project or how and intercept survey project works? We've got you covered. In a previous post we discussed the process of conducting an intercept survey project. Use the tips below to help guide your next intercept survey team and get them on the track for success. Use thes

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  • case-study-wine-consumer-research-09052018

    Case Study: Wine Consumer and Wholesaler Survey | Winery Market Research Study

    Winery market research has to be one of my favorite topics. Drive Research is quickly building a strong portfolio of great brands for our winery market research services. Our recent study was conducted with wine consumers and wholesalers for a specific winery in the Finger Lakes region. The goal of the study was to get feedback from consumers who drink the wine and wholesalers who sell the wine in order to meet the research objectives. This survey took a two pronged approach, meaning separate s

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  • best-time-send-customer-survey-market-research-08172018

    When is the Best Time to Send a Customer Survey?

    Customer experience, perception, and likelihood to recommend are common market research buzz words used these days. Many organizations know the power of customer surveys and value they provide, but are you wondering if there is a "right" time to send a customer survey? The short answer is yes. However, the ideal time for one organization may not be the same for another. Customer research is not a "one size fits all" approach. The way a customer survey is sent, how often customer surveys are se

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  • case-study-it-decision-business-communication-08092018

    Case Study: IT Decision-Maker Survey for Business Communications Solutions

    The Drive Research team enjoys working in all types of industries. For this market research study, Drive Research worked with a highly specialized, global unified communications company to inquire about conferencing solutions and conferencing software. This included better understanding the U.S. market and factors of choice for these products. The goal of this market research project was to get an understanding of several key performance indicators (KPIs) from IT decision-makers. The data from

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  • market-research-boston-data-06112018

    Market Research Boston MA | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    Do business in Boston? Looking for stats about Boston? Market research data offers valuable information to give your organization a competitive edge. Below is a look at secondary data that can be gathered for geographic locations. To gather this data Drive Research, a market research company that serves Boston, MA, utilizes a proprietary in-house secondary data system. This data can be used in various custom market research projects from competitive assessments to online research. Looking for

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  • case-study-higher-education-website-06082018

    Case Study: Higher Education Website Research

    Website research is trending! Wondering why? Everything is at our fingertips online. In fact, I'd be surprised to hear a business does not have a website. Even if a business does a lot of communication face-to-face, or through other mediums, its website is key to its communication with customers and consumers. Is your website up to snuff? Recently, a college was asking that same question. Website research is able to find the answers from target audiences to ensure their needs on being met. Lo

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  • Case-study-readership-college-survey-06072018

    Case Study: Readership Study for a College Magazine

    Wondering if the content your organization creates is being read? If readers enjoy it? How long is spent reading it? Topics readers would like to covered more? Readership market research studies answer these questions and more! Recently, our team partnered with a higher education institution to understand readership of its college magazine. These types of magazines take a lot of manpower to produce and the results layout a clear direction of what readers want. The results of these types of stu

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  • benefits-short-market-research-survey-06042018

    Benefits of Short Market Research Surveys

    Long surveys that take upwards of 20 minutes to complete are becoming a thing of the past. Or at least they should be. Here's talking to you, market research industry. Have an hour to answer a 100 question survey? I didn't think so! Did you know short surveys that take less than 3 to 5 minutes to complete are our new standard and best practice for market research surveys? Shorter surveys are trending in market research because they keep respondents engaged and collect higher quality data. Mark

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  • Market-research-pittsburgh-data-05252018

    Market Research Pittsburgh PA | Key Statistics, Data, and Demographics

    for key statistics on Pittsburgh, PA to discuss at the office water cooler? We've got your back! Below is insight into the Pittsburgh, PA demographic market area (DMA). The information below includes data on the population size, gender, age, income, housing, and education. Drive Research is a market research company that serves Pittsburgh, PA. The data discussed below was gathered using a proprietary in-house secondary data system. This type of data can be used for various types of market resea

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  • survey-platform-market-research-buffalo-05182018

    5 Tips When Choosing a Survey Platform | Market Research Buffalo

    There are many great online survey platforms available so finding the right one can be tough. Once you start looking at online survey platforms, you will realize there are cheaper options that come with some limitations as well as expensive options that offer all of the online survey tools market research professionals desire. So, the question becomes which are you truly looking for? At Drive Research, market research company that serves Buffalo, NY, our team of market research pros has experie

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  • how many questions should i ask survey drive research

    How Many Questions Should I Ask In My Survey?

    Wondering how many questions you should ask in your survey? We can help with that! Drive Research is a market research company that helps organizations across the country with market research needs. There are a variety of factors that determine the ideal survey length. This includes the research approach, type of survey, target audience, and survey objectives. For any type of market research survey, it is important to keep the survey respondent in mind. Remember, survey respondents are somewhat

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