Elizabeth Sincavage

  • gather more effective customer insights | man and woman with percentage signs

    5 Tips for Gathering More Effective Customer Insights to Drive Marketing Strategies

    Market research is an important tool when it comes to understanding your customers better. By using market research methods, businesses can capture customer insights and understand their consumers’ ever changing opinions and emotions. Customer insight research is beneficial to companies in developing their communication and marketing strategies. By conducting customer insight research, your business will be able to better meet your customers' wants and needs, which forge positive relationships

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  • how to fix 3 major customer survey mistakes | error symbol

    3 Mistakes that Ruin Customer Surveys and How to Fix Them

    Customer surveys (CX) are an important component of any organization’s business strategy. They are essential for gaining competitive advantages, understanding strengths and weaknesses, forging positive relationships, driving business growth, and much more. Customer surveys are crucial to the success of any business. However, there are many common mistakes that ruin the survey experience for customers, resulting in poor quality data and feedback. In this blog post, our national customer survey

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  • comparing qualitative research methods | chat bubble with pie chart

    Comparing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Qualitative Research Methods

    When it comes to qualitative market research, there are a variety of methods Drive Research uses to collect data. No two research methods are created equal, which is why we heavily consider the pros and cons of each market research method with every unique project. At Drive Research, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” market research study. Each project is handcrafted by our qualitative and quantitative research team to best fit specific needs and accomplish the goals of our client

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  • traditional research methods in a digital world

    Defining the Value of Traditional Research Methods in a Digital World

    As technology has evolved, people and how they operate have too. Once upon a time, market researchers couldn’t collect data by the push of a button, conduct interviews with respondents across the world via video chat, or analyze social media trends. Back in the day, market researchers had to mail out surveys and sit down with people face-to-face for interviews (*gasp*). However, just because the digital world has created an entirely new list of possibilities, doesn’t mean we have to leave behin

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  • market-research-help-business-more-successful

    How Market Research Can Help Your Business Be More Successful

    Awards, titles, positive reviews, and social shares are common indicators that a business is doing well. While those are great forms of recognition, here at Drive Research, we use market research to measure progress through data and fact-based evidence. Data is important when it comes to measuring a business’ progress because without it, everything is simply based on assumptions. Collecting data allows a business to not only measure progress, but make successful and powerful decisions. In this

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  • best-types-questions-market-research

    What are the Best Types of Questions for Quantitative Market Research?

    For qualitative research, data collection options can seem endless. As a creative research method, there are a variety of options readily available. These can include: open-ended survey questions, focus groups, one-on-one interviews, intercept interviews, and the list goes on and on. But, what about quantitative research methods? Since this type of data is numerical and scientific, rather than interpretive, your options may initially appear to be boring and limiting. However, there are a varie

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